The Mountain Man Report #26


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The Mountain Man Report #26CA 215 Medical Cannabis Gardening Channel* 18+ for those viewers interested in being a certified medical cannabis grow tester for the new and exclusive “BLU…

27 comments on “The Mountain Man Report #26

  1. CptHwdy2013 on

    wiked video dude! GET TO THE SITE AND REGISTER BITCHES!!!! Great lookin garden my dude! Freakin Redline Genetics!!!!

    Logo is coming soon!!!

  2. CptHwdy2013 on

    same here bro I love you man
    you seven are my blood
    all of our subs and friends here are amazing people bro!!! Workin on the packaging logos and clothing designs as we speak!!

  3. PNWGardenOfFunk on

    That Blurp sounds AWESOME!! Is it that Old School BB… that Sweet and sour smelling and blueberry muffin tasting BB? I LOVE the old school INDICA BB!! That is some good shit!! I got a strain called Blurple that is Black Widow x GDP that is VERY NICE!! I LOVE too see new breeders doin their thing!! Sounds like a GREAT strain too test.

  4. xx420Alchemistxx on

    good morning Mr. “future Donald trump of Cannabis”, how are you? your making the world shake brother. rumble rumble… your making your claim and spot, and i love watching it happen. way to go brother. keep that creative mind flowing, your ideas are endless, and couldn’t of happened to a nicer gentlemen.

  5. PNWGardenOfFunk on

    I would recommend just tucking fan leaves from here on out till like the 6-7 week… then pluck the fans that are covering budsites. Just how I do. 😉 Everything looks GREAT too me… its like gettin a haircut… they will come back with more vigor and bush out very nice over the next couple weeks.

  6. ADogg420fy on

    Haha great show, great ending ;) Feel uplifted after watching this brother, thank you and keep on rolling man.

  7. xx420Alchemistxx on

    lol…. ummm yes… i like you too.. lol i feel ya bro, no worries. thank you for being cool

  8. xx420Alchemistxx on

    well thank you my wookie friendly friend. im hoping in a week or 2 that top canopy really starts to take off. thank you for being a strong positive force on my channel. take care

  9. xx420Alchemistxx on

    lots of fun last you rock brother. and yes.. this old man is tired

  10. rubbinman1998 on

    I wished I had a tent.BLURP sound pretty darn nice brother.Your doing good work my friend and love your show btw.

  11. dirtybongwater4678 on

    we got hit with 13 inches of snow last night watched jay slept for a hour watch a few more then it was me the ole lady and the snow blow and shovel for the next 4 hours ya im spent too lol

  12. Curly Green on

    I just looked for fox farms soil recall and couldnt find anything. Was going to buy some this week but if they are putting out bad batches then its a no go.

  13. Permanently High on

    Wow brother love the message and the vid,you are good,you know how to get people involved and help to the ones that need it,peace.

  14. xx420Alchemistxx on

    what i can everything i tell you is just going to make your mouth and palette wanting it more.. your just going to have to try it out my Jedi knight brother. i hope today is a better day bro. take care my friend

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