Staking A Marijuana Plant


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Staking A Marijuana PlantStaking a marijuana plant is very important when it reaches flowering. In my opinion it’s best to stake cannabis plants early in flowering. You can see this …

12 comments on “Staking A Marijuana Plant

  1. Leatherman154 on

    Already done, and very appreciative of you uploading the videos. I will certainly be topping them at least once. By “loves getting fed” do you mean they can handle a higher Ppm in one feeding or just to feed them a bit more often?
    Thanks again, your a scholar and a gentleman.

  2. rondel caspar on

    hi met we met at the ty expo i came up from michigan showed you smoke and you really enjoyed it. i love what you do matt but i cant help but think there is something covert and sinister in what you are posting. “staking a plant” and such can you clarify. also i am coming up again this year hope to chat again.

  3. Leatherman154 on

    Looks great Matt!
    Just about to start my own grow. Doing 5 Barney’s Farm LSD which I’ve seen your fond of and 5 Cali Connection’s Jedi Kush. Any advice on the LSD would be great.

  4. hashpercough on

    Nirvana has a Wonder Woman. Have you grown this strain before Matt? Also what are the effects of Wonder Woman? Is it a hybrid, mostly indica or sativa? I’m looking for a pain killing strain that allows me to function. Most strains make me tired and lethargic.

  5. marryjane419 on

    BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! Matt your the man I will watch the wonder woman all the way thru…Peace & Karma

  6. Matt Mernagh on

    something covert and sinister? not sure what u mean. video shows a need to stake a marijuana plant. ie Staking A Marijuana Plant.

  7. Leatherman154 on

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to make a video or two of my grow so you can checkout it. Just finished transplanting to 3gal pots, then finishing them off in 7.
    Wish me luck.

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