Red Man “Dabs” on HashbarTV (Cannabis Cup) part 3


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Red Man Red Man interview about dabbing and performance from Hightimes Cannabis Cup 2013 part 3 featuring music from Red Man and Kushinator. also, featuring Master Y…

25 comments on “Red Man “Dabs” on HashbarTV (Cannabis Cup) part 3

  1. hashbartv on

    awesome- glad you like the song were stoners by kushinator, the song is available on itunes now

  2. Joe Strobeck on

    Shawn can you give me a job?? I’m a hard working 22 year old who is stuck in the east coast.. Rite now I’m a wear house manager. But I would do any job available.. Just want to be in the industry..

  3. hashbartv on

    i think he was looking for you to say- “pick it up, pick it up” its a Red Man reference- LOL

  4. Danny0dbert on

    its damn near impossible to get a medical card in canada. its a damn shame to we have soo much space to grow hemp to sav the earth when this shit with the goverment is won. peace an pot

  5. hashbartv on

    Those Kushinator songs will be out at the end of the year on the “Martian Buds” CD- puff puff pass

  6. Thomas B. kin chong on

    when I look at my ounce of weed it looks so small compared to all that oil, hash and bud. I love you hashbartv

  7. TheMde420 on

    @hashbartv what happen to songs like join me for a joint, roll for the crutch, and sexy beast on tommy’s channel

  8. rasman1876 on

    kushinator, i need to hear the full version of that we’re stoners song! it sounds really good

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