REAL TIME FREDS CANNABIS PLANTS: Outdoor/Greenhouse AutoFlower Grow

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REAL TIME FREDS CANNABIS PLANTS: Outdoor/Greenhouse AutoFlower GrowSeveral autoflowers, Big Band Auto from kannabia, Low Girl and Auto kaya 47 from advanced seeds, also Lowryder mint and Mini Thunderfuck from Dutch Breedall for medicinal use.,cannabis,marijuana,weed,medical marijuana,cultivation,pot,grass,plants

14 comments on “REAL TIME FREDS CANNABIS PLANTS: Outdoor/Greenhouse AutoFlower Grow

  1. DrAutoflower on

    @canadiancosnnoisseur have they even started flowering yet? even a 120day auto strain like super cali haze have lots of buds on it at day 70. Im sure it did say auto flower on the package. and im not saying your lieing or anything like that. i said they dont seem to be autos cuz i dont see a single flower and it day 70 and that just dont seem right. There are quite a few unstable auto strains out there, its nothing new. and it not the growers fault at all, just shitty gentics, they look healthy

  2. REALtimeFRED on

    @DrAutoflower @DrAutoflower Both those comment were me myself Real Time Fred. umm yess trust me ive been very worried about it on that situation ive been emailing the breeder and he told me to be patient and to switch to budding nutes. so ive just switched to budding nutes a couple days ago we will see what happens…. might have to get some bud blood to kick em into budding, but it seems like way to much work for these so called ‘simple’ autos. ill keep you posted

  3. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @DrAutoflower they had pre flowers like 3 weeks after sprouting from seed…they are def auto flower….they are just a longer auto and they are outdoor so it usualy takes a lil longer

  4. socalhippie420 on

    you should pollenate a couple branches to keep that strain generation goin bro and keep the rest of the plant sensi!!

  5. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @DrAutoflower kannabia sent them to him….it said auto flower right on the package we dont say things for fun…

  6. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @socalhippie420 we know how to pollinate just a few branches its just he doesnt have any males in his garden so he cant

  7. socalhippie420 on

    @REALtimeFRED all of them but only one or two branches that way you can have seedless bud too and if you get a few seeds going im shure you’ll get a male or two to use as a specimen!!try it out!.

  8. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @DrAutoflower look on the kannabia site they take over 100 days to finish, i kno it sounds ridiculous but they say that it is worth it

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