Raising Snails To make Snail Compost Tea


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23 comments on “Raising Snails To make Snail Compost Tea

  1. freakygeaktwo on

    shoot I thought you was going to boil water and toss snails in and drink it 😉 hope it works for ya 😀

  2. Brown Mista.Brown on

    @raygrowtx I have austialian red speckled romaine lettuce that attracts ear wigs to set nest and home in. They produce fantastic compost manure haha. Snails and slugs do too much damage to be a benefit, speaking wild species specific.

  3. TheProductiveGarden on

    Very interesting. I have never heard of this lol.
    It will be interesting to see how it goes.

  4. groovesme on

    Give em that left over beer in a cup buried in the dirt. They love it so much they all come for the party and drink themselves to sleep!

  5. raygrowtx on

    i have also done that to use them to break food down , but when i put more stuff in i would kill snails, so i did want to kill them i wanted to use them , and that’s how i got this ideal

  6. Andalbanon on

    Cool update on the snail tank, Ray.
    Snail compost won’t be nearly as good as worm compost, but it will have some nutritional benefit.

  7. YouPlantTube on

    A good idea, I did something similar to this, I threw the snails into a cold compost bin with plenty of green material.

  8. Brown Mista.Brown on

    But snails also can benefit with a good prune to certain plants. The slime they put off on plants is not bad for plants. So dont hurt your plants trying to get slime juice off. Give it a little water.

  9. raygrowtx on

    im not sure , i just know they really do poo alot at the bottom so this might be useful , and also controlling these natural pest around my house being i live near a Huge Creek the snails will never go away. im also interested in how the plant will respond to this

  10. groovesme on

    It would seem like snails would release hormones that attract more snails. But I don’t really know so I am looking forward to your updates and how the plants grow in Snail poo. You might find the cancer cure.

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