Purps, Ash test & Discussion of Season 2


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Purps, Ash test & Discussion of Season 2-Hey YouTubbers! Sorry for being MIA this month with my mailbox I will be getting to it today after editing and uploads. (I have at least 2 vids going up today and a possible 2 more if technology wants to be on my side) Todays video includes a discussion about the outdoor results, and ash test, and last but not least I sit down with you guys and smoke a couple snaps of the purple headband and the organic plant (tomatog). ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, c

30 comments on “Purps, Ash test & Discussion of Season 2

  1. chickabuka on

    Or until u run out….right??? Im in my late 40’s and started medicinal back in April, I mainly smoke at night and not everyday. I have friends that smoke til its gone,´╗┐ Dude I never run out! (<:

  2. Tidybuds on

    your going to like the socal seeds i popped three and got two female good smoke. i also have their pure fire very tall one,lots of bending needed for the grow tent.peace hope´╗┐ you get better soon bro.

  3. chickabuka on

    I sampled some Royal Purps this week for the first time,´╗┐ the balance of the body high and mind high were pretty damn sweet, takes all the aches and pains away.

  4. Dontaco828 on

    What up man love watching the videos. And your videos are not way to long. Going post first´╗┐ video let me know what you think

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