Pre outdoor medical marijuana grow


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Pre outdoor medical marijuana grow3-30g smart pots 1-20gsmartpot 2-15 gal smart pots

2 comments on “Pre outdoor medical marijuana grow

  1. fish111011 on

    @intenzity14 thx yeah thx yeah i was think if i leave that super jack goo in veg for longer then put it outside and have it so i have to get on my deck to cut her down my roof is 12ft from ground and 8 ft from the deck so im hopen to get them taller then the house:) HAPPEY 420

  2. intenzity14 on

    I’m lovin this stuff. love the tomato cages on those 30 gals. I looking at positioning my tall plants in an interior lawn spot so it doesn’t go over the fence. I had one last year go over the fence and it was an issue. The deck idea is smart. Good luck and I’ll be watching your progress.

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