Outdoor Update: Correcting my Setup (15 gallon, 3 weeks flowering)


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Outdoor Update: Correcting my Setup (15 gallon, 3 weeks flowering)Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. – YouTube! What is up it has been a while since a update. Today’s video consists of fixing my outdoor setup previously I had my 4 out door marijuana plants in 3 gallon pots. They are now

19 comments on “Outdoor Update: Correcting my Setup (15 gallon, 3 weeks flowering)

  1. FP3PLYR on

    Yeyah!!!! Good job on getting the smart pots. There are three reasons why i recommend geo pots over smart pots. 1. They are thicker 2. more durable 3. They are NOT black (tan). With that SoCal heat you might want to think about insulating your pots or else they’re gonna be Africa hot midday. Just something else for you to consider. Regardless, your girls will be much happier in their new home. Love the videos brotha, keep it up!

  2. b1OceanGrown on

    You basically taught me everything i know about growing, that being said, somehow I have some tips for you today Grow420Guide.
    When transplanting any plant that is that root bound, do your plant a favor by breaking the outside of roots/soil up a little bit. This will allow the roots to spread to the new soil easier.
    One other tip, I would lollipop/prune those biatches before the flowers come in too heavy, that way your lady isn’t wasting energy.
    Nice job though G

  3. Chase McEvers on

    im always supporting progression. i say yes to a new intro. make sure there are dank nugshots!

  4. John Does on

    You need to go to school before giving other advice on how to grow indoors or outdoors. I have seen both and all of your plants look lame and skimpy… It’s to late be be worrying about putting them in bigger pots now. In fact probably do more harm then good… Oh and the wood chip mulch is going to fuck up your PH level… You got a lot to learn heck I wouldn’t take your advice for wiping my ass much less growing pot.. You don’t know what your doing……

  5. DarkCanuk506 on

    Def. don’t lollipop an outdoor plant. If it makes sense, thin out the middle but keep as many leaves as possible – the core should allow for good air flow, but the plant needs all those leaves to deal with all the bad light from the sun. Another tip, about watering… outdoor plants like a little bit each day, during the long and hot summer days. At the hottest part of the day, give the medium a rinse just to cool down the roots - especially in those black smart pots (beige would be better.)

  6. TravasYMCMBGamerz on

    FIRST!!! lol I have 10 seeds I got from Nirvana shop that I have germinating right now!! lol Thanks for your vide pimp!!

  7. Grow420Guide on

    🙂 I was contemplating on loosing the roots up, but ended up not doing so. I will def remember that for next time if there is a next time. And also I took lollipopping into consideration but figured that with the full amount of sunlight they will still fill out. I may do 2 and leave 2 to get a better comparison.

  8. reckless01420 on

    It’s bout time my dude. I got a outdoor girl tht beautifulll like crazy how she’s grown.

  9. TheGreenCure420 on

    Waste of soil.. should have gone from 3’s to 7’s and try and avoid transplanting at flower time, that’s gonna put you back a week or so.

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