Outdoor Medical Marijuana 2012 Spring Crop California

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Outdoor Medical Marijuana 2012 Spring Crop CaliforniaApril 20th a look at the outdoor crop, while your out smoke’n were working hard but that’s what’s up. girl scout cookies are rocking and rolling and almost reay to harvest in about 2 to 3 weeks! not bad for a spring crop huh?! started by putting veged clones outside roughly very end of march

16 comments on “Outdoor Medical Marijuana 2012 Spring Crop California

  1. regularguy85 on

    Nice work. Its hard to find some good girl scout cookie around where I live. The canibis club have it but not the real deal. Looking really nice. How big is those pot you have those in. like how many gallons?.

  2. LTDanno360 on

    @ 81 kush ; smartphones however good they are Will Never have the quality as a tru camcorder they just arnt built for that …i too am an android fan i have a Motorola Atrix it has Custom firmware on it and also does 1080p recording ; but Nothing like My sisters Digital camcorder … i have a video test on my page you can check out to see how well the atrix does record in 1080p….
    thanks ltdanno360

    Peace and pot Brotha..

  3. dabomb2000pacman on

    Hows it going 81kush ! That is some good looking girls. I have an early crop . I have some sticky buds already too. Can’t wait to see your finish buds.

    How many pounds did you have after that big trim ?

    Email me we need to chat …

  4. SuperDoctorgreen on

    Now that is some Nice Looking Shit… Early Crop… and start OVER with some New Clones for Even a Bigger Crop….. Peace Out. . . . SDG

  5. regularguy85 on

    How much medical marijuana did you get off of each pot? Can you give me a estimate?..

  6. 81Kush on

    can anyone tell me why with my droid 3 hd 1080p i get a video that lookis like it was taken with a potato please if anyone can help me out lol on how to upload a better video than this fuk

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