outdoor marijuana grow . bc 2011

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outdoor marijuana grow . bc 2011out door medical grow. dont hate this is my first vid . i used floranova grow . for veg . and a buddy just gave me some flowering nutes . not sure what they are .

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  1. darren107 on

    @superstrain007 just some random seeds i found and yes that was a male . i am letting the midget plant breed with the tall ones and see what happens when i get some seeds out of that .. but yeah thanks dude and if you need some seeds just inbox me and maybee i can send you some .. free thats why i am breeding these …. seeds cost alot. now days … .

  2. superstrain007 on

    nice grow dude .. i noticed you got some males
    !! was thoose femi seeds or was is regular seedss ?? couse i think mine is turning hermie 🙁 it was my first outdoor project and she did me like that 🙁 !! But anyway great grow dude !! 🙂

  3. superstrain007 on

    @darren107 thx for the offer that was kind i most say !! what strain you using ?? personally im growing SAD a black domina inbreed but it aint going as i hoped it shoud … Peace dude keep in touch !!

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