Outdoor marijuana garden “other strains im growing”

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Outdoor marijuana garden tour of the other strains im growing in the garden

13 comments on “Outdoor marijuana garden “other strains im growing”

  1. DSniffy on

    hey if you need help harvesting and trimming come time, im real chill, im from the east coast, so ill pay for my ticket to come to you. im just out of college and unemployed, so hit me up, im sure youll need the help with all those huge plants you have.

  2. 420OGQUEEN on

    lookin beautiful and love train wreck it is a huge yielder you cannot go wrong there man! Really been curious to see some green crack cant wait to see harvest Stay up Stay lit

  3. nightflierlives on

    Sweet I’m half way there to getting one of your green houses 100 down and 79 to go. What’s the difference in the clear and the green covers . Is it just privacy or is there a significance to why you use that particular style green dome top .

  4. italianbc on

    Very Nice… Have you tried growing a HashPlant ? I know out here we can yield close to 5 pounds.. I imagine you guys out there can grow monsters..

  5. Fender337 on

    are those raised beds?
    and is chicken wire laid under the bed for gopher protection?

    <3 Mr Medicated

  6. Hungry4Herb on

    @SAMMCCONNELL that casey jones is my favorite outdoor strain hands down. Amazing. Awesome Yielder. Orgasmic Taste. Good Luck! Looks Great..!

  7. 01001110101100001011 on

    Sam, would you say your grows get better every year? because the way your garden is shaping up this year, this fall will be very very nice.

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