outdoor marijuana clones


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outdoor marijuana clones3 sweet thooth 2 master kush 2 santa cruz 1 blueberry outdoor comming soon clones in for the night and back outside in the morning thanks for watchin

7 comments on “outdoor marijuana clones

  1. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    what kind of dirt is that looks wierd…and what do you mean in for the night out for the morning…do you leave them under a light when you bring them in at night???because i deffenetly dont reccomend running a 24 hour veg…theres no where on earth where marijuana plants have 24 hour sunlight…its not good for them cuz its unatural for them and they need a small rest period touse up all the energy they produced during the day time

  2. ValleyGrower420 on

    @canadiancosnnoisseur yeh man i bring them in at night cuz the weather is not to warm at night…..but im going to start leaving them out in another week should be good by then thanks for the tipz tho man ill write them down in my note book laterz man

  3. ValleyGrower420 on

    @canadiancosnnoisseur its a one of a kind organic mix bro wrking hella good for me frist time mixing my own homemade soil….. useing it with XTREAM GARDING thanks for asking tho man laterz

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