Outdoor Marijuana 2010 HARVEST BUDS

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Outdoor Marijuana 2010 HARVEST BUDSA longer update into the progress of a Northern Californian medical marijuana grow.

44 comments on “Outdoor Marijuana 2010 HARVEST BUDS

  1. jungleekidd on

    Really enjoyed the tour of your garden. Absolutely beautiful plants bro. When you showed that purple afghan my jaw hit the floor lol good job!

  2. RedEarth530 on

    @ToyMaster83 i did a lot of brews this season. for the first time this year i used about thirty to thirty three gallons per thirtysix hour aerated brew. I also learned the hard way as not to scimp on the bubblers, one is deffiniately not enough. Thanks.


    those caterpillars you keep finding are coming from white flies and the reason you come out every day and keep finding them is because theyre coming from your buds, the white flies come down on yor plant and lay eggs before its ever flowering, and when your shit already grown decent buds the eggs hatch and the worms then shit and eat there way out from the middle of youre bud which will make your bud look like its done and it will make the bud on the plant very crunchy


    @RedEarth530 Very true, but besides those worms your talkin about your plants look BEAUTIFUL, there doesnt seem to be a single problem, but that afghani man that is one CRAZY plant is that its genetics that make the pistil turn purple because ive never seen any plant producce such colored pistils

  5. smileymann2 on

    @RedEarth530 do you use only one type of plants food or do you mix plant foods? and thanks for all the help

  6. RedEarth530 on

    @smileymann2 hard to pick, i really like the LA Con. from this year (as smoke). I also like green crack to grow, super easy, fast and rock solide weight. However, the best weed i ever smoked, not just to count high, but flavor and trip, was Chem. Dog. I would love to get my hands on those genes.

  7. RedEarth530 on

    @dirtbikedummy22 That would be the afgani x blue dream, in early flower. That slut’s gunna bud into november.

  8. ToyMaster83 on

    @RedEarth530 Yeah good aeration is essential. I have a polystyrene box (I got it from the aquarium store–they get their fish shipped to them in these) .. its about 30-40 litres. I have a flexible airstone that is 90 cm long and I use a 180L/hr air pump with twin outlets. The airstone (flexi-stone) has an outlet at each end which is perfect — i just hook up each outlet of the pump to each on the air stone and turn on HI.

  9. RedEarth530 on

    @SIXPACKCACK, oh and by the way, you should post your grow, weed all love to see it.

  10. RedEarth530 on

    @SIXPACKCACK Ahh, inevitability, outdoors is a sacrifice in certain dimensions. Free light, ventilation, superior quality high comes with some obstacles. The percent lost due to these drawbacks are in the single digits. I feel that this is low and my quality was really quite HIGH this year, so I really allow and expect it. Without sprays, tents, or thousands of hours meticulously combing through a sea of foliage, the plants can manage. But good lookin’ out, you sound very knowlegable.

  11. ToyMaster83 on

    @RedEarth530 I couldn’t agree more. SPOT ON. I’m an organic gardener and I always say look after the soil first. Get nice soil stratification, aeration, organic matter and microorganisms! Do you brew any aerobically activated compost tea? I’m doing some trials currently to determine effectiveness of aeration compared with steeping which I normally do. Peace. LEgendary plants, by the way!

  12. ToyMaster83 on

    @RedEarth530 … I let the system run for 24 hours with just water in it from the tap. This way the Chlorine evaps off before I go adding my compost bag. Just this afternoon I added about 2 pounds of compost in a plastic bag with puncture holes and half a cup of sugar to the water. I put the bag over the top of the airstone for additional movement. Breed little organisms, breed! Cheers mate.


    @RedEarth530 Ill try and get some vids up of my indoor grow this weeked just flipped them to 12/12 on monday

  14. texasheat254 on

    man =( , this shit makes me cry ,

    buityful weed plants geting chopped up and killed .

    and i dont get to smoke any

  15. ssrider7 on

    i love how you say:ill klove too put the boot on it!!…but u didnt!!YEA MAN U RULEZZ!!

  16. BLADESKATER00 on

    It would be good to see what the L.A. Con dried buds look like! How much bud weight did you get from the L.A. Con?

  17. RedEarth530 on

    @smileymann2 I grew a purple urkle plant last season, put her in super late, and got over a pound and half. I like green crack again, always solid weight and consistent. Funny, the headband is looking really good, hopefully a pizza from each.

  18. dirtbikedummy22 on

    what kkinda plant is that u show at 3 minutes and 50 seconds with the purple hairs. thanks man. looks good!

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