Outdoor Grow 2009 in the Tricomb Valley


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Outdoor Grow 2009 in the Tricomb ValleyEnd of the 2009 grow season. Strains include: White Widow, Big Bud, Northern Lights(Monsters) I just grow for the love of this amazing plant. I don’t deal or distribute marijuana, I just grow it so don’t have to pay redickulous prices. I have learned to read the plants over the seasons, which has made me a much better grower. That’s the best advice I can give to anyone thinking of growing. And the only way to do that is experience. “Theres only one law in growing, the law of mother nature” Cheer

13 comments on “Outdoor Grow 2009 in the Tricomb Valley

  1. ThesePlantsRule on

    Thanks man. I went through many a bug bites for this season.

    Note. Buy a bug net for next season.

    Cheers man

  2. ThesePlantsRule on

    Hey bud

    The total was about 12-14 pounds dried and cured. I still have a couple tasty jars sealed up.

    Cheers man

  3. ThesePlantsRule on

    Hey bud. I just dug right into the ground about 4-5 inches and added good soil, and a slow release fertilizer and watering nature did the rest. Make sure you PH the surrounding soil. And, when you see a spot with no vegetation, ask yourself, why is there no veg in that area. lol.

    Cheers bro

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