Outdoor Flower Update week 9


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Outdoor Flower Update week 9Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. -Coming Soon!

38 comments on “Outdoor Flower Update week 9

  1. kidOrganic23 on

    your flowers are incredible. Im a few days of flower into my first grow (indoor). i would love to pick your brain about a few different things. stay up homie

  2. Grow420Guide on

    Lol you know its not gonna be just 14 mins. Youtube is the worst thing to be on when you want sleep, because as soon as the 1 video finishes, your like ahhhhh 1 more. and 7 later, you finally crawl into bed hahaha

  3. iDrag420 on

    hey bro quick question. i know you live in the sfv and i do to. do you leave your plants out all night?

  4. xxxGrimm420xxx on

    damn, I guess I missed it then, 6 months without green and I feel like a noob again.. guess you get a few more views from me.

  5. Grow420Guide on

    Gratz brotha! getting to a personal milestone is always a great feeling! I am ripping a bowl of some jack herer now to celebrate your 200! Cheers!

  6. oneshotgrow on

    Also, I’m over here cheering for 200 subs. lol @ 10k. Congrats man!

    Ok bed for real now (after I go look at tent)

  7. MRBEEF1000 on

    love the vids man i had the catapiller prob too where can i get the stuff u used and wats the name

  8. dylandominicgrady on

    pumpin’ these videos out. I’m likin’ it :p good shit. Im almost out of my harvest 🙁 it was a little headband lady. probably only like half oz. anyways, peace. kush. ron paul 2012 ;P

  9. jebby88 on

    I’ll gladly take your bong, your first piece of glass will also be my first piece. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. jonjon9731 on

    he’s smart feds are a mud frucker. obama is a frucking liar. my caregiver was just raped by the long shaft of the dea in montana. 25 lbs of our meds gone a whole crop gone. 🙁 so sad. love the vids stay on your toes. peace

  11. Grow420Guide on

    Oneshot your a boss thanks for that I have heard of monster cropping, but did not know that is what it actually is. I just filmed a bit of cutting top flowers off the clones and left lower flowers on them for MONSTER cropage and they are under the 600 mh now 🙂 Hopefully that vid will be up tom. while you get to sleep I get to edit all night hahaha 😛

  12. xxxGrimm420xxx on

    damn, that’d be nice, all I got is a handme down ceramic bong and a small cheap glass spoon.

  13. Grow420Guide on

    Hahaha trying to get shit taken care of halo 4 is coming out in just weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still writing ron pauls name on the ballot and filling that shit in with a bubble. Not like our opinion counts anyway…

  14. 904MALCOM on

    Bruh, seriously your plants make me want to tear up, there so fucking beautiful….it ain’t a feminine type of tear, it’s more manly…my tears can lift weights, can yours? Nevermind Lol, I’m getting off topic, but I do have fantasies about having plants like those someday.

  15. KungJocke on

    Whats the secret? I mean, my plants doesnt even produce like 10g each! Bad seeds/genes? How long do you veg your plants indoor?

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