Outdoor crop harvest time part 1


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Outdoor crop harvest time part 1– Whats good youtubbers! Its harvest day in the grow420guide channel! I have 6 parts coming tonight so be sure to stay tuned in!! I dont know how many parts in total yet there will be, only because harvesting is still going on. So there will def be more parts to come! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live i

30 comments on “Outdoor crop harvest time part 1

  1. PackThis Bong on

    Yup your right haha. Ive watched your harvest vids before. and´╗┐ im a rookie grower myself beginning of last year.

  2. atreehouseofpancakes on

    FUUHHH i want that curing/drying vid so bad! ive´╗┐ had alot of questions about the different methods and how they work, cant wait to see the final result omg

  3. reckless01420 on

    Beautifulll bro!!! Fukn lovn thm buds!!!! Nd massachuetts passd tha law as well!! Nd i did a reponse vid for you. Dnt thnk u xheck it out´╗┐ yet please do!..

  4. steve6969ur on

    shit is nice. What are those 10 gal bags with perlite or some type of rock and were´╗┐ you using AN nutrients?

  5. dantasalive on

    Hey Grow420Guide NICE VIDEO BRO(as always).
    Could´╗┐ you recomend me a book/film for beginner growers?
    I bought 2 grams one day and i found about 11 seeds, and i have a lot of space in my garden, could you recomend me if you can please?
    Good night(I’m from Europe) ­čśë

  6. sparten112083 on

    They’re called water leaves not fan leave the fan leaves´╗┐ are bigger with the stem..and I bet u got mold in the buds it’s almost a def sign when u got dry water leaves like that….cnt wait to see how it turns out

  7. boule420 on

    looks beautyful man and dont worry marijuana is gonna be completely legal everywhere soon; hopefully canada (montreal) next !! even if we got some of the best weed and very flexible laws already…´╗┐

  8. UrMumLovesMyBigCork on

    haha yeah´╗┐ it is still a fan leaf even though it doesn’t have more than one finger and those plants don’t look mouldy at all. this guy has no idea.

  9. Grow420Guide on

    lol I know the difference between water and fan leaves, also they were dry´╗┐ due to the extended flower cycle.

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