Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 7

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Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 7– Whats good youtubbers! Its harvest day in the grow420guide channel! I have 8 parts total from the time they get cut down, through the trimming and drying process all the way to curing and burping be sure to stay tuned for all 8 parts! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where

50 comments on “Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 7

  1. Grow420Guide on

    I have not done the final weight yet of total or individual strains yet, although´╗┐ the little organic plant came to 9 grams. ­čÖé

  2. Grow420Guide on

    I have´╗┐ wanted to visit Canada to try the medicine for some time now! Along with Jamaica, and the Netherlands. My life would be complete. lol!

  3. socalhippie420 on

    awsome harvest man!can’t wait till´╗┐ my huge 9 foot arjan’s sativa is finished up and ready to harvest!.keep up the great work!….peace and pot….

  4. Grow420Guide on

    Well lets be honest its a shit ton of work´╗┐ and can be very discouraging for 1 person lol. Which lead me to think, I have always wanted to see how drying a entire plant came out, opposed to the method I always use (cutting branch by branch). So, yeah partial laziness behind it, but I also figured it would be a good opportunity to learn and share with the community ­čÖé So +1 for being lazy ahahaha

  5. Grow420Guide on

    When not letting them dry all the way, if it is still moist and you jar them, you get they´╗┐ hay or grass smell.

  6. meghan00851 on

    Also after jaring them how long do u recommend curing it?´╗┐ Thanks for all ur help thru the growing season, love ur vids… they crack me up. And paleeeeze hurry with the bho oil/wax/budder video… dying to see my master growers method! 2 Green Thumbs up! Peace Love n Pot!

  7. Grow420Guide on

    I havent done annotations yet >.< lol my channel is going to be updated within the next couple days, annotations, descriptions, mail and new videos. I have just been so busy with family and´╗┐ thanks giving coming.

  8. jaylynn3119 on

    Dude thanks man …….this puffs for you man …cant get enough of these´╗┐ informational vidoes …..peace

  9. boule420 on

    The little plant that could. I love your vids man keep up the great work and if your ever in montreal hit me up i ll make you taste some´╗┐ of the best weed in the world outside of california lol

  10. Davinabumbeena123 on

    Hey 420 guide im a subscriber to your channel´╗┐ I’ve learned a lot off your videos and I want to start growing but I can’t ever find good seeds and I don’t have any way of ordering them online if you have any extra laying around u think u could send them to me?

  11. Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. on

    Great Stuff Man! At least there is someone out in this world that likes to share! Send me some´╗┐ bud man! LOL

  12. ThePayton22 on

    Just say you were too lazy to take off the fans leaves cause harvesting is a pain to do, no need bro´╗┐ to say your doing a slow drying technique on some outdoor lol it’s all good bro we know the task at hand too funny lol:)it’s just a pain in the end going that route, how’s the slow drying technique working out lol just giving u a hard time bro:)

  13. aalmo88 on

    Hey At Grow420Guide i live in nyc. and i just wanna expirment and grow one plant. any suggestion for me what i should try. Like the soil should i grow without nutrients cause it’s just a expirement im trying. and i live in a´╗┐ apartment.

  14. Grow420Guide on

    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, its good´╗┐ dont get me wrong, but it still feels like the same cod. Zombies though is amazing! scary as balls!

  15. Grow420Guide on

    I would say flora nova is pretty easy to start with for nutrients. As of soil, I would order foxfarm ocean forest, or happy frog off amazon. If you plan to keep growing I would purchase a small HID light 100-250 watt. Or if you are thinking about growing´╗┐ 1 plant only a couple times I would look into CFLs.

  16. 55gallonreef on

    hey im growing outside next year but dont know if i should grow in the ground or in´╗┐ a bucket any suggestion ?

  17. TheRealLilKurt on

    Do you think 420 guy is willing to work with Subtle Minds?´╗┐ Just search SubtleMinds and I will pop up. I’ve been busy so that’s why I haven’t released any new material, but if he wants to check me out, I have a promotion from reverbnation that ill use for our exposure. Thanks if you talk to him.

  18. Grow420Guide on

    The stem even though it snaps still´╗┐ retains water moisture after jarring it, the water will be extracted to re moisten the buds. I have a video coming very soon of curing cannabis ­čÖé and the explanation behind it (IMO)

  19. meghan00851 on

    So I was wondering… bc ur bud is dried out so much & has that nice crunch to the stem what is gonna keep it from drying out even more after u jar it, resulting in bud that crumbles to´╗┐ shake basically when handled? I’m a 1st time grower myself so jus looking for helpful tips?

  20. Theo M. on

    I’ve really only seen height be controlled in two ways. Genetics plays a huge role obviously…typically sativas are stretchier,´╗┐ taller, and thinner plants, and indicas have the short stocky shrubby plants. Also you can train/top/supercrop to ‘force’ the plant into adjusting its genetic growth tendencies…it seems like all these strains were on the ‘shrubby’ side of hybrids. Its genetics mostly, because even rootbinding will cause sativas to stretch if not trained/topped at the same time.

  21. Ion Pozitiv on

    i dont know why everyone is so astonished, cause´╗┐ that is the truth ! weed & halo, nature & technology, ­čśë

  22. psalmsofplanets0722 on

    AY YO Grow420Guide be careful man, I don’t know if anyone has told you this but tomatoes leaves and stems are poisonous, their oils rub off very easily so yeah. Feel free to look´╗┐ it up yourself

    “Leaves, stems, and green unripe fruit of the tomato plant contain small amounts of the toxic alkaloid tomatine. They also contain solanine, a toxic alkaloid… Use of tomato leaves in tea has been responsible for at least one death” -wikipedia mang

  23. Grow420Guide on

    oh! While they were clones originally I stunted them because I was leaving for a month and a friend was going to watch them so I did not want to leave him with big clones. Also the clones were taken during flowering so they had buds on them, when they re vegged´╗┐ this caused multiple shoots to sprout at the top, keeping it smaller for an outdoor crop.

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