Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 6


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Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 6– Whats good youtubbers! Its harvest day in the grow420guide channel! I have 8 parts total from the time they get cut down, through the trimming and drying process all the way to curing and burping be sure to stay tuned for all 8 parts! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where

48 comments on “Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 6

  1. Grow420Guide on

    I´╗┐ am guide/guy. lol its a long story I should explain in a MM ep. I told my homie in real life to make an account with the name guy so no one would hi jack the account name. He than started commenting under the name guy, so now when I include him in videos he is know as grow420guy just so I dont name drop him and viewers can tell us apart.

  2. Grow420Guide on

    ­čśÇ Hopefully inspiration keeps getting spread from one grower to the next until we overgrow the government.´╗┐

  3. oneshotgrow on

    There is no ‘set time’. Go on icmag . com and search for ‘Method for Perfect Cure’ in the forums. icmag . com/ic/showthread .´╗┐ php?t=156237

  4. Grow420Guide on

    Exactly what oneshot said. There is no set time. Typically I will cure for at least a month before smoking it.´╗┐ Then cont the cure process until I feel that my medicine is cured to my liking.

  5. Grow420Guide on

    its a good size (.5) I smoked a little bit of it already but I will show you guys in a´╗┐ MM ep and toke a bowl of it ­čÖé

  6. KingKosher42 on

    Holy shit that is some amazing shit from coming outside you should do some outdoor´╗┐ noob vids next time

  7. Reefer Madness on

    Id like to see your first outdoor grow turn out to be even close to as good as his, this guy like he said its his first outdoor grow, if u knew anything about marijuana growth you would know that the curing process is one of the most important…(ps) im´╗┐ sure you have smoked worst mexi dirt weed in your life fool.

  8. lilbuggeratl35 on

    Hey, I really like your videos and I’ve watched a few older ones. Do you´╗┐ think you could do a series for growing on a 12/12 photoperiod from seed? If not, could you give some tips? Thanks and I subbed.

  9. wawieism on

    Yeah I did when I was a damn kid. When I started´╗┐ growing I actually learned what the fuck I was doing before I grew. I never persoanlly grew anything that looked so bad even outside, sorry.

  10. nhansonelli on

    Great video man i really like all of your videos i have learned alot in the two daya been watching. im currently germinating my first grow, 2 100wcfl pc case gutted, lined, wired. Myself´╗┐ kinda winging it any advise is way appereciated. Thx peace

  11. forthewin30 on

    yeah i know of course ­čÖé haha i just have my´╗┐ first grow and am in week 5 of veg, thats y i cant wait to do that shit. Love your channel

  12. CaptainNavarro1104 on

    I’ve been watching a lot of vids like these and I’ve decided to grow my own weed! I live in south Alabama like 15 miles from the coast and it’s hard to find good weed. I’m going to try hard to find real good weed and get the´╗┐ seeds and plant them. The area I’m going to grow them in is a subdivision that never got the funds to make houses so it’s just empty roads. It’s close to my house and it’s where I go to smoke. ­čÖé

  13. jarednickandjake on

    Damn that headband looks fucking tasty! Just finished a bowl of Pineapple Express and´╗┐ feeling extremely medicated I need that bong!!!!

  14. Grow420Guide on

    Do you have nothing better to do with your time?´╗┐ You are not all that intelligent of a troll bro you can barely observe properly. Clearly there are 2 plants hanging up side down in which case, water leaves were not cut at all. Only fan leaves were pulled, how can you not understand that? There is a difference between growers coming together and helping eachother sharing ideas and techniques, then there are bafoons like yourself that want to nit pick every cannabis video online. Cool story bro!

  15. Grow420Guide on

    Not when it is a 8 day process of 18 hours a day ­čÖü Personally I think end flower weeks are the best. And of course the smoking of´╗┐ it. But nothing inbetween hahaha

  16. Hello420There on

    awesome. not sure why more people aren’t watching and/or subscribing ­čÖé can’t wait for more of ur videos´╗┐

  17. Pookie J. on

    Looking good bro, I just started to grow indoors and its pretty´╗┐ awesome I must say, happy growing bro peace!!!

  18. Jonathan Butts on

    If your looking´╗┐ for some great advice, visit urbanremo’s channel. Its seriously th best grow on youtube

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