Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 4


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Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 4– Whats good youtubbers! Its harvest day in the grow420guide channel! I have 8 parts total from the time they get cut down, through the trimming and drying process all the way to curing and burping be sure to stay tuned for all 8 parts! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where

32 comments on “Outdoor Cannabis: Harvest Part 4

  1. Grow420Guide on

    I will make sure all this is in the´╗┐ next update to much to type, but it was a great out come. ­čśÇ

  2. reefersmadness on

    Hey Bro your plants look great but I just thought I would mention it looks like your garage door windows are not blocked out. Someone can look in … especially if it is night time and you turn on the lights. Also , sorry to be a ninnie Bro, but the garage is not the best place to dry or cure. There are contaminates, dirt, bugs, chemicals, proximity to street and ease of theft. Dark closet works best IMHO.

    But enough´╗┐ of my opinions. Good job w/ the girls they WERE beautiful. PEACE

  3. bobmarley4e on

    Ahah man you’re awesome.

    You’re the first cannabis-related channel on the Tube i really enjoy watching!
    1. Realistic (not like Cervantes walking trough a forest on ganja plants)
    2. Funny and original (not just watching plants growing and technical data, but also a good chat and ideas)
    3. Clear and´╗┐ limpid (unlike the thousands of videos of stoners that take huge bong hits in the dark and low-resolution)

    You’re what every stoner should be like ; )

  4. G Katz on

    so you had no caterpillars/ grey mold? if so, how did it work with half trim dry´╗┐ and not removing the bud rot?


  5. Grow420Guide on

    I´╗┐ actually didnt take that into account. These flowers are not the frostiest. I am barley even getting water leaf trim to make has from them. I will def remember that for next harvest though ­čÖé

  6. quinnjohn1 on

    Looks like your gonna be busy for a while with those lovely ladies! Have you thought about putting either a wide container or a plastic sheet under your drying rack? (as long as it’s wider than the rack) I ask because I’ve noticed with some breeds that a lot of kief falls off the bud as it’s drying. Just a thought. Keep it high and stay´╗┐ green dude!

  7. dtarsitanacom on

    Good job did this the same day as u. Celebrate man pat yourself on the back. God bless america the beautiful. Cant wait´╗┐ either

  8. jasonteco on

    Keep it fresh n dryin bro. I know its work but it will be´╗┐ a great final product. Subscribe to my channel. Got a new attic grow starting up. But unfinished..maybe in a week it will be done

  9. isaiahpowell97 on

    hey g420g just wanna say im a long´╗┐ time subscriber your videos have helped me alot through my three grows keep the vidoes going Peace & Pot

  10. erickdom38 on

    Im really jealouse of all your plants ha
    Stay medicated g420g and to all your subscribers as well because i am also medicated :)´╗┐

  11. Freedom2Morocco on

    Hey G420 I have 3 plants vegging for like 3 weeks and plant life start smelling , I bought some stuff for flowering a reflector that has holes´╗┐ for ventilation but I still don’t know how to cool off the hps , bring new air to plants and pushing clean air using a carbon filter out of the room , please reply asayc .

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