Out Planting Medical Marijuana: Lesson1


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Out Planting Medical Marijuana: Lesson1How to plant and grow the best outdoor medical marijuana in the world, from genetics to curing.

49 comments on “Out Planting Medical Marijuana: Lesson1

  1. girthakian on

    You really are an inspiration to us all browndirt 🙂 I appreciate all your vids and you a lot. Thank you 🙂

  2. italianbc on

    Man Browndirt I Would Love To Grow Your Strain… Could I Get A Cut Of It Sometime?
    Your The Man…

  3. GodWillzIt on

    The only reason he is that big is because of roids.. don’t take my word for it, watch his first video where he tell you himself.

  4. SuperDoctorgreen on

    so here i am at my beach front property in my stand up shower outside,with a joint in one hand and a beer in the other. i really wish there was a hot girl here right now to give me a hand, to light my joint, i can drink the beer fine on my own, plus the company would be grate. not like im looking for anything serious just some fun, hell who’s not. oh ya ive got to go soon, ive got places to go & people to see & money to make. oh crap i need to have my Ferrari waxed. anyone have some free time?

  5. xXxBLINGO07xXx on

    I don’t like to tell people how they shoud do anything but I can help.. it would be better if u mixed all the soil and feeds together before u go outside. Then all u gotta do is dig the hole and put it in.

  6. CanadianMang on

    Man you are ripped!, You inspire me I would love to make a living on growing marijuana and just working out…. That would be the life. btw you have the body of a sylvester stallone in his early Rocky years. Just Ripped!!!

  7. bellocdk on

    brwdirtwarrior, I’ve always admired your videoes and can’t watch to follow the series ! 🙂 Your work is truely amazing (=

  8. Cannabal Lector on

    FUCK! LOL! 17:13 Lucky you!
    I just uploaded a video # Plant #1
    Aliën Fields – 2x Outdoor Grapefruit….
    My second Guerilla….

    You doing verry Pro!
    is all that stuff Not a little bit expensive?

    i only used Potground en The ground en Plagron BioMix
    Mixxed together,,,,

    Grtsz. Cannabal Lector


  9. DaRkMAtrixX on

    Insanity workouts really help prepare me for my outdoor season, oh yeah and being a logger also helps, but doing what brown dirt does is hard labor , its not for the weak minded thats for sure, there are ways around SOME of the hard labor but anyone who thinks its easy will be quickly proven wrong when they attempt it themselves “Im not as young as i used to be fellas” Dont worry brown dirt been following you for a while and i personally can attest to how hard it really is!

  10. splavin90 on

    this is my favorite channel on youtube and i’ve waited a year for more videos and i am excited to see more videos

  11. Rouger95 on

    good to see you back Brown dirt what is the genetic make up of the variety’s your running BD warrior and brown dirts bumper are those the only variety’s your running? I would like to see you run a nice Og, bubba kush, sour diesel or a chemdawg cut the sour d and chem’s yield huge buds you would not have a problem pulling a few pounds off the chem’s easy and the quality is second to none. I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed I can’t wait for the next show stay frosty bro and grow safe peace.

  12. civvys on

    thanks for coming back and making a video you are true inspiration I just want you to know that!

  13. blingmow101 on

    You Changed my life !!! Never Stop Growing:0….. Time 4 this boy to get the fuk outta Ab and Start living his passion. It’s going to be a Fabulous Season:)~Peace~

  14. mossman2012 on

    and all you people that think he gose’s to the gym well your wrong cos he say’s he got big like that of 28 year’s of outdoor growing thats why he’s massive all that hard work pays of in many diffent way great show man i now can grow killer outdoor plants with big big bud’s peace from United kingdom

  15. WeedBurgler on

    this is my favorite time of the year….i know about all the hard work put into outdoor….glad to know all my pot brothers are out there doing the same….see you guys in the bush WEEDBURGLER

  16. Fastbikkel on

    Great movie man, i really enjoyed it. Greetings from Holland.
    I used to grow these babes outside myself a lot, in the early nineties. I will always keep a healthy interest in cannabis. In fact, im gonna roll another one in a few hours. 🙂

  17. girthakian on

    I’ve watched this video 4 times all the way through just because you are awesome. 🙂

  18. jacktheripppa on


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