Medical Outdoor Marijuana Growing Lesson 4


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Medical Outdoor Marijuana Growing Lesson 4How to harvest and cure outdoor medical marijuana if no one steals it from you

16 comments on “Medical Outdoor Marijuana Growing Lesson 4

  1. PeopleEqualShlt on

    Great Year this year for outdoor in the BC area i live in the weather was nice as could be 2 weeks into Oct even most years if it isnt done early pisses out tons and rots out the buds but im sure you know all this! lol  nice ladies!

  2. fozzythemexican on

    Sorry for lost, fucking sorry ass thefs. My plant was stolen from me this year also. Keep Out growing the world!

  3. surrealnumber on

    i am not a grower, would be if it was legal here, but man i am sorry you got looted. no one wants to stick around after ripping off the brown dirt warrior.

  4. vjiced on

    Fucking assholes karma will make them pay one day sorry brwndirt you are always a great warrior anyways

    peace and keep your head up

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