Medical marijuana outdoor 2010 Harvest time

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Medical marijuana outdoor 2010 Harvest timeMedical amrijuanan outdoor 2010 harvesting and getting it on Huge buds everywere

37 comments on “Medical marijuana outdoor 2010 Harvest time

  1. alicia16477 on

    when did you start your 2010 outdoor grow ?
    and how big did you make your holes in the ground ?

  2. MrSterlinghayden on

    MOLD? I see something like a drop of bird shit, no mold though. Personally I think this is a fantastic garden. There 1001 different ways to grow, what works for one will not for another.
    KOMA is the knowledge base, he is one smart man, listen to him he knows what he is talking about………and unlike some he can back his words up like this guy is. So if you don’t have your own success to show us, your opinions don’t mean nothing so try to STFU and listen!

  3. RipGrow on

    Yea I grew some GDP outdoors a few times but it is so yummy that everything wants to eat it and just fall to the ground with weight lol. I grow it indoors and I wish I could get the buds that big inside, looks great.

  4. bigbbadnoobian on

    u should try some A-4 you can get it at a bay area club good yield, taste and resilliant

  5. rusputen on

    Oh my Gawd! Im so blazed right now and my speakers are up on high vol..Just listen to how piecefull the whole scene is!!! birds everywhere singing their tune,I tell u man I wanna live like a rhasta,just chilling in that all day and all u do is look after ur plants who later will look after you!

  6. meneedweedies420 on

    hey man i like ur vid and was woundering if u would check mine out and leave me some comments or advice would be much appreicated

  7. 81Kush on

    @micknacksrx i used advanced outdoors last year and this year i used a few of humbolts line simply becuase didnt have the funding for the advanced again this year last year we spent 2300 on 7 gals of GMB and carboload and a bunch of 1 gals of hte bloom boosters it WAS worth it if you have the prior funding

  8. alicia16477 on

    For your 2011 grow use wire mesh my friend.
    Wrap the wire mesh around your plants, that will help your plants from dropping to the ground. Anyhow nice work on the grow. Good luck next year brother.

  9. tret911911 on

    Very Nice grow, I live in Florida, we just harvested about a month ago, super nice plants and super nice buds, keep it up! Peice Love and Pot

  10. 610Pooper on

    Also If you want to see my success go to subcool420 Garden in the Mist my green house speaks for itself. I was also not trying to hate on anyone. Gardening is a science and growing dank is an art… I would be more than happy to back anything that I state. So Yes supporting your garden and removing mould or Mold from your plants is important to ensure large yields and high quality meds. Peace and good smoking

  11. alicia16477 on

    when did you start your 2010 outdoor grow ?
    and how big did you make your holes in the ground ?

  12. ChrisSmooveFan1 on

    i gotta quetion, im lookin into sellin weed i really need the money right now but i got no idea how to go about doing it I can get seeds but i dunno how to pick it or when its ready can u gimmie a few tips on what it looks like when its ready an how long it takes maybe tell me how much u have to water it an how much sun light it needs?

  13. 610Pooper on

    mould2 US, mold [məʊld]
    1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) a coating or discoloration caused by various saprotrophic fungi that develop in a damp atmosphere on the surface of stored food, fabrics, wallpaper, etc.
    2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) any of the fungi that causes this growth…. So this is how to spell “Mold” if you want to talk about KOMA that is fine I respect the man because I have helped him in his growing venture for years.

  14. Wazztheweasel on

    Hey im from holland and i want you to say that we use big ass pot’s with allot of compost fertilized special earth stuff. and if you dont use bots you have to dig the earth up and put compost in it , you will get allot bigger provit

  15. 81Kush on

    Thanks to everyone for there comments all are welcome getting some good feedback on the garden and as for the issue on mold its a common place thing in the business of growing your own meds we had late sept rain storm this year and other factors play a role also, simple fact is when you grow 100lbs of medicine you can bet a few buds will go to waste one way or another its all about live and maintain to get what u can given the good effort you put forth

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