Medical Marijuana BUDDING OUTDOOR How To Grow WEED


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Medical Marijuana BUDDING OUTDOOR How To Grow WEEDPacos Medical Marijuana AKA The Girls. This information is intended for Educational use ONLY!!!! Follow your state laws!!

16 comments on “Medical Marijuana BUDDING OUTDOOR How To Grow WEED

  1. PacoDasMota on

    ight man feel free to ask questions or give advice hope you enjoyed the vid GROW ON & WISH PACOS GIRLS GOOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. PacoDasMota on

    damn man thats no good!!!!! well i have the fan going so that helps but my humidity levels are very low more of a dry heat but ill keep that in mind, GROWWW ON

  3. PacoDasMota on

    roughly lil over 85. mid day might be hotter but the mesh on bottom lets air flow in & the fan helps out a lot!!!! GROWWW ON!!!

  4. PacoDasMota on

    Thanks bro & no the Mist was just a clone i did & i top everything thats why its nice & bushy but i like the GH idea cuz it keeps a lot of dirt & sticks off my medication & seems to help with bugs a lil. thanks for the comment GROW ON!!!

  5. PacoDasMota on

    ummm not to sure but what im hoping for is a total weight of around 5 pounds but wont know till they are cut & dry.

  6. HardCharger18 on

    Be careful of the leaves against other leaves between cola’s..mine is molding because of so much leafage between Cola’s..I had to trim the center buds off the stem to create gaps between stalks !!

  7. HardCharger18 on

    Did your Kali mist re-veg or is that just the way it looks cause mine looks the same and was wondering if it some how re-vegged since its so clustered and bushy. Kick ass GH man..I got one myself and I run the Alaska line stuff myself. Cant beat the price for what it does ..Big ups

  8. PacoDasMota on

    keep working at it & each year you will get better. like last year i got caterpillars in my bud so this year i have been spraying for them b4 i see them cuz bugs will show up no mater what so preventive spraying is easier then trying to stop a infestation!!! GROW ON!!!

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