Marijuana outdoor grow 2012 update 4


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Marijuana outdoor grow 2012 update 4Update during weeks 3-4 of flower. Thanks to all the subscribers, positive feedback, and constructive criticism. Also for all the help, hints and tricks!

8 comments on “Marijuana outdoor grow 2012 update 4

  1. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    That’s the plan 🙂 I have a few GIANT ones up at my buddies pad. I’ll try to get some footage to share. He’s kinda cabin fever at the moment so it might be a week or two lol. It’s my favorite strain besides the UK Cheese and the Pre 98 Bubba. I plan on putting just those strains plus a few new flavors outside for this winter/spring harvest. Thanks again! Happy growing 🙂

  2. SirSmacxem on

    Looking mighty fine Bro. Keep it up. And ur right about cost efficient. I moved from indoor to outdoor too. All I gotta say is, thank you mother nature. LOL

  3. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Thanks bud. T5’s are WAY cheaper…even if you have a low income program. ie: the “care” program for PG&E. $50 per 1000w or $5-$20 per T5………hmmmm ill go T5 🙂

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