Marijuana Outdoor 2012 grow update 7


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Marijuana Outdoor 2012 grow update 7Plants during swell and heat. Caterpillar damage on the Green Crack ­čÖü

16 comments on “Marijuana Outdoor 2012 grow update 7

  1. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    No worries bud ­čÖé I think everyone should know a few “secrets” to made their buds better…..everyone´╗┐ deserves that!!! One love

  2. ziggieization on

    I have overdrive an carboload already I just have to´╗┐ get the pure honey.. I will be ready for that cycle in 2 weeks.. hopefully I can get to purchase pure honey b4 that cycle starts

  3. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Thanks and I agree…I’m glad they took the molasses and sulfer out. I only feed them everyother watering. Carboload is the only one I use all the way thru besides my base(micro, grow, bloom) by Cutting Edge. I will be moving over to Super Natural next in conjunction with the advanced line.´╗┐

  4. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Thanks man. As of now I’m using big bud, bud candy, liquid carboload(every watering), pure honey and´╗┐ overdrive during the last few weeks or so. I stop using the big bud at like week 5 and the bud candy at around week 6-7. The last two weeks are with pure honey and overdrive……that’s how I get my buds a lil more sticky, stink, and hard. Oh yeah…liquid carboload the whole way thru till flush ­čÖé Hope that helps….hit me up if u have anymore questions or suggestions ­čÖé Happy Growong

  5. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Wild Mountain Brand honey. 100% raw/uncooked. I put a shot glass full (30ml/2-3 tbsp) per 5gal. I dilute it first then throw it in the 5 gal. Then I give each plant about 2-3 48oz cups of water. Some growers prefer molasses, I don’t. It gives it a weird look and smell. Honey gives me what I want from my plants. Hopefully it will for you too. Go half strength at 1st if you’re worried. I’m not sure how ur strains will react to it. My friend´╗┐ throws a whole shot directly to the base of his plants.

  6. ziggieization on

    thanks´╗┐ alot bro I am looking forward to making that change to pure honey thanks for sharing cheers peace an blessings bro

  7. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Yeah still in the´╗┐ 100’s and hating every second of it. Some of the plants love it for some.reason….weird.

  8. ziggieization on

    thanks bro I´╗┐ really like the formation of them buds they are looking so sweet…what are the measurements used for the pure honey to a gallon

  9. ziggieization on

    that is a real good mix you are using…ever since AdvanceN. took unsulfer molasses out of there bud candy I have been´╗┐ adding it back in lol works really good…I really wanted another form of sugar an pure honey would be another perfect natural additive

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