marijuana greenhouse update

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marijuana greenhouse update update on mom plants and babies for this years outdoor gardens

16 comments on “marijuana greenhouse update

  1. Zombifiedbydank on

    Hey Sam gotta question for ya. I had a few couple plants that i had growing indoors, they were about 1ft tall and i brought them outside. They were vegging just fine until now. They started to flower. Will they go back into veg if i just leave them alone or what. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! stay lit. peace.

  2. socbutter on

    Thank you for the update.

    Good to see a working garden so I can imitate what you are doing but in a smaller scale.

    Thumbs up

  3. FreedomToChoose84 on

    Correct me if I am wrong bro but I thought the new NorCal/ mendo guidelines dropped outdoor gardens to 25 plant count.. Thought I read about it somewhere.. But shits looking kill and glad to see some OD GDP for once.. Well at least I’ll get to see a good grow of it.. Take it easy bro

  4. fritoxtrme on

    How far are you spacing your plants in the ground? Looking forward to more of your updates!

  5. growindoors on

    wow man this i going to be an epic year, thanks for the inspiration to get my garden up to par… those babies look so healthy good luck this season!

  6. that1guyyy1 on

    You’re lucky with so many beautiful plants. I can only have 12 seedlings and 4 mature flowering plants. yeah the laws here suck -.-

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