Marijuana 2012 outdoor grow HEAT update


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Marijuana 2012 outdoor grow HEAT updateUpdate during 100+ degree heat. Difference from using silica or not.

11 comments on “Marijuana 2012 outdoor grow HEAT update

  1. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    It’s affordable……around $30 for a gal.(4l) that size would last a while. I put about 220ml per 55gal drum. It helps a shit load when used all the way from start to finish. Happy growing dude!

  2. rogueraiser on

    thanks for the silica tip.
    you should get a wireless webcam and hit record whenever cops come over

  3. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Glad I could help out. I think my neighbor got some footage so if I’m able ill put it up. Web cam is a great idea….my security cams only got them coming up and leaving.

  4. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    They came last week actually. They wouldn’t let me record them counting my plants lol. It was weird as fuck!

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