Karma Grow

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Karma GrowOutdoor Medical Marijuana grow OP. Everyone in this Video and any others on my channel are legal cardholders withing the state of Washington, in no way were we breaking any laws by filming here. Thanks for watching please sunbscribe and comment/favorite thanks!

8 comments on “Karma Grow

  1. GanjaGrowers on

    Oh well we actually have all the indoor lights, 10k + being ventilated into this greenhouse at night. and soon the setup will be done proffesionally.

  2. DeFecTix on

    How late are you expecting these ladies to go? they seem like they have 3-4 more weeks which seems a little late and without a heater i would think you would run into frost issues.

  3. DeFecTix on

    ohhh. well that’s a good way to use the heat from the lights for the outdoor. thanks for the info!!

    peace from the PNW

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