Is it legal to carry with you out of your house a marijuana scale?

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Clockwork Orange asked:

Hi i live in italy and i was wondering if you can carry with you (out of house) a marijuana scale. Can i bring it with me outdoor, or the Police will catch and accuse me for selling weed and stuff? (I carry the scale with me outdoor to weight the buds)

6 comments on “Is it legal to carry with you out of your house a marijuana scale?

  1. kerry anne on

    would you have another explanation for the scales

    maybe a science project or weighing gold for example

    happy smoking

  2. Sunshine on

    Yeah, it’s not really a “marijuana” scale.. it’s just a scale. As long as if you get in trouble with the cops, when you’re getting searched then there aren’t nugget crumbs on it and you don’t have weed on you, whether it be in 1 or multiple bags. You’re fine. Just swipe it with a paper towel beforehand.

  3. Backwoodz on

    Just clean any trace off and keep it completely separate from your bud and you should be good…But I suggest you dont carry it around unless its a short trip. Peace

  4. modati mafinr on

    Jewelry/Postal scales are not illegal. Whether or not in Italy having one in public gives them probable cause to search you. I would imagine so. If they are like any cops anywhere ever… they will use their “supreme deduction” skills to figure out how why you use it. As it isn’t common at all to carry a Jewelry/Postal scale around with you. If you think the cops are going to search you… carrying a jewelry scale is just asking to get screwed with. Rolling papers are probable cause in the USA. Hell even having just a lighter with you will make the cops question you even more. A jewelry/postal scale in absence of materials for the intended usage… that’s 100% suspicious and will be used as probable cause again you 😛

    Not that I agree with it or anything. I’m just saying…they will do their job.

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