How to cultivate Medical marijuana!


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How to cultivate Medical marijuana!Pacos Girls just about ready to cut!!!! FOLLOW YOU LAWS!!!!!!!

6 comments on “How to cultivate Medical marijuana!

  1. PacoDasMota on

    The middle plants are pacos own blend of bud from 6 years ago when I got a male white widow plant that pollinated everyone&got seeds. I keep that strain cuz from then on I have never got a male plant with them seeds&they yield well the middle&the one to the right of it&the front right are all seeds everyone esle is clone. the reason for the green house is to keep dirt off my medication. I wanted clean weed&it worked great but I added a fan to add air flow&some air can come In through the bottom

  2. PacoDasMota on

    I used Fish Fertilizer in veg. & i also used molasses for veg & budding to keep the smell down & the plants seem to like it. i also use fish fert for budding just a diff mix. Also got some bloom booster From Green Mile Hydro it seemed to help a lot. & EVERYTHING WAS ORGANIC!!! GROW ON!!!

  3. oooooooo7ooooooo on

    Amazing plants, what strain are the middle ones with the huge colas?
    wouldnt you have had even a bigger yield if they weren’t enclosed?

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