Growing Outdoor Medical Marijuana Lesson 2


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Growing Outdoor Medical Marijuana Lesson 2Learn to grow the finest marijuana in the world from the master himself

36 comments on “Growing Outdoor Medical Marijuana Lesson 2

  1. slinkytreekreeper on

    Yo Browndirt, peace and love from across the pond. A headcam or gopro with head band would leave both your hands free. Looks kinda frustrating having to film and do stuff with one hand.

  2. OgkushCanada on

    did u see the size of the leaves , its impossible for those too pray to the skys , there like 13 blade leaves .. my og got fat leaves like that hybrid og kush x afghani ,., and they sag like that

  3. snappa1420 on

    Nice vid brown Dirt!!! I will be using epson salts when I water next, i use 1 gal. container so if 1table spoon for a 6 gallon I think 1/2 teaspoon per gallon would be enough but please let me know your thoughts on this. I use liquid fertilizer so I don’t want a salt build up to throw the PH off in the soil. Thanks and keep overgrowing my friend.

  4. PaperStackersUnion on

    its nice to see that you can not only take a joke, but write a brilliant response as well.

  5. SuperDoctorgreen on

    Why not just plant Clones ??? Maybe your just a seed guy…… seeds are nice and all but when it comes to growing at a lot of remote locations i would use clones so it’s not such of a heart brake to have to cut down Male Plants….. Wast of time & money. ive done it…… Plus Losing crops to Fires. made me cry to do all that work and lose my baby’s to fire…. Twice in a row. oh well shit happens. Keep it Green. . . SDG

  6. 420Priceless on

    Males eh. Sometimes ya want them soo badly. But when ya don’t want them ya get alot. Well always the way for me.
    Nice and green, but why so much droop in the leafs and stems? Was this taken at first light?
    Love what ya do Browndirt. Best shows on utube. Well without nudity at least.

  7. rogueraiser on

    im about 4 hours from you.. we also got hit by the treacherous rains. my plants survived the bombartment. curious why your pushing a stake right next to the plant stalk, wouldn’t the roots get harmed? Im using the same jug as you, I like the spout that it comes with so i could focus the water wherever. awesome work browndirt

  8. TheRealLuMpKiNg on

    I like air roots.. Protects the plant if there is a flood or too much water at the base

  9. jenzezo on

    thank you wise master for your return. your N ergy is much appreciated… peace be with you and may the gods provide overwatch and good vibrations into and all around your sector…overflow and overgrow :)(: p.s. not a drop of rain here in san diego all summer, i’m calling in air support for a storm from the gods, watch out !….. have a wonderful august ! 🙂

  10. motoxridah on

    Thanks for taking the time and energy to document and record your beautiful grows and harvests. Much love and respect to you dirt warrior, happy trails!

  11. MrHujh on

    great stuff can you say more about the genetics of your plants? you can see the afghani influence, what is in there?

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