coastal 2012 medical marijuana outdoor carport grow

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coastal 2012 medical marijuana outdoor carport grow2012 outdoor medical garden. 100% state legal helping medical patients with lupus and soon cancer.

8 comments on “coastal 2012 medical marijuana outdoor carport grow

  1. John Does on

    🙂 yeah it’s a lot of work when growing a huge garden it doesn’t matter if it vegetables or pot


    thats whats up bro i wish i was up in the boonies like that ,,, but i cant complain my back yards works wonders.. good job bro

  3. 831gothatrope on

    thanks bro, i checked out your backyard grow those couple girls look hella fuckin big, no lie that backyard does work!

  4. John Does on

    nice garden, I was gonna say put them in ground they would do much better but i see you did do a lot of digging holes for those other plants

  5. 831gothatrope on

    thanks man, yeah i had some restraints this year and didnt get time to put some of them in the ground, although alot of those bags have no bottoms and amended soil below. All those smaller plants could have been just as big as the big girls if i had put them in the ground or in big airpots but i was dealing with alot this year so i couldent pull it off. but next year will be in the ground or 200gal airpots minimum

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