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CANADIAN CONNOISSEURS - OG KUSH HARVESTALL CANNABIS IN THIS VIDEO IS FOR MEDICAL USE AND IN NO WAY DOES THIS VIDEO PROMOTE,ENDORSE, OR SUPPORT THE ILLEGAL USE OF CANNABIS..og kush medi harvest…grown under a small 400 watt bulb, flowerd with all advanced nutes,sensi a&b with carbo load,big bud, and bloom booster pro…harvested 60 days after switchin to 12/12..(original chem dawg clone only og x island sweet skunk )……,chemdawg.clones,dirt sunshine mix #4..og kush ,weed,marijuana,cannabis,plants,sunshine mix#4, shortstuff seeds,a


  1. Xstonerxhigh420x on

    @canadiancosnnoisseur as long as the trichomes are amber , so you do sythetic?yes]hmm i think all Organic is better it is less of a yeild but it’s way better for the medical patients and that’s what it’s all about , i reccomend it ,but your way is your way 🙂 good job

  2. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @Xstonerxhigh420x leaves started yellowing the last 3 days its deff not overdone,hes talkin about the tiney lil tips on the leaves on the buds ar burnt its hard to see cuz its so small,u can see the tips yellowd a tiney bit cuz i use a high NPK bloom booster called bloom booster pro for the last 2 week of flwer,i just pushed my plant to its max nute uptake is all,its exactly how i like my plants wen i harvest,full regement of bloom nutes with a 14 day flush every time,i like my bud fully matured

  3. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @themutherfunkinDme thanks bro chek out our first medicating video and u can see it dry n cured

  4. canadiancosnnoisseur on

    @Xstonerxhigh420x i feel i can grw as clean more consistant& stronger meds with syn nutes from my expiriences.the only benifit i C from organics is the fact its harder to over fert&ther r a few extra micro/macro nutes in organics that r hardr 2 replicate but its much hardr 2 find tested orgnic nutes on the market that meet all the essential critiria that scientificly tested synthetc do&wen u make ur own orgnics u cnt realy test it so u donno if its optimal.every1 has ther own way i gess.i luv AN

  5. Xstonerxhigh420x on

    v its just doing it’s natural procces of sucking all the sugars from all the leaves,
    but it looks a little overdone cuse how dark the orange hairs are (but it could be the strain) lots of crystilization ,hope you flushed it out ,n have a good one 😀

  6. Jason0930 on

    Good job the plants look healthy with a touch of nutrient burn on the tip of the leaves!

    All said good to have more educational channels we need learn from someone!

    Nice trichomes!!!!

    Jason Wilcox
    The Cannabis in Canada

  7. resinatedhuman on

    looks a little purple. but im ok with that. healthy happy plants. good job. nice manicure too. stay up.

  8. 7dwarfsgrower on

    Love the videos man keep em coming. I subscribed. Check out my channel let me know what you think and subscribe if you like PEACE

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