can i use the seeds in my marijuana to grow?

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James asked:

yezirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! depending on where you are, it’s about that time if you are an outdoor cultivist.. personally i would NEVER do anything like that because it’s illegal and easy to spot out especially if your plants grow 20 feet tall lol.. but when that season comes around you can bet your ass that there will be more readily available cannabis and many more strains going around ~_~

2 comments on “can i use the seeds in my marijuana to grow?

  1. bustersmycat on

    depends on if they became ripe or not. the softer green seeds usually aren’t ready, but the brown hard ones are for the most part. of course, perhaps things are different these days. It has been decades since I had any experience with the sort of experiment you are discussing.

  2. Wulfwinter on

    Yes, but Only if you really, really loved the pot the seeds came from, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. It also depends on how the weed was dried. If they used any heat or a dehydrator then most likely those seeds will not germinate. I’ve had some luck with bag seeds but you’ll have to have at least 10 to start with. If your lucky you’ll get 50% of them to germinate and then hope that of those that did are all female. Most likely 50% of those will be male, and you won’t get anything from them.

    Great info on growing from here:

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