Becoming Self Sufficient – Things to Think About with Web4Deb


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Becoming Self Sufficient - Things to Think About with Web4DebFrom an economic standpoint, things continue to worsen in this country. High food and gas prices are hurting a lot of people. Not only are things becoming un…

50 comments on “Becoming Self Sufficient – Things to Think About with Web4Deb

  1. mhpgardener on

    Thanks. He’s a very smart fella. Last night’s show was great, lot’s of good information. So much, that we barely got halfway thru the topics. He’s coming back in 2 weeks to finish up.

  2. mhpgardener on

    I’ve used a gas auger. Yes, it would help..but I need somebody to hold the other side. I just don’t have any help around here.

  3. Karen Sanders on

    I plan on using a larger solar pump for a series of Aquaponic buckets I plan on putting together. (Sorry for the caps)

  4. mhpgardener on

    You’re absolutely correct. And I’m all for the homemade or DIY stuff. Just find something that you need or would like to have, and reverse engineer it. 🙂

  5. mhpgardener on

    There are so many things in life that people take for granted… 2 legs, 2 arms, eye sight, hearing, healthy kids… and if you happen to not have one of those, the world is a lot different. There are many things that we don’t do, since we never know how our daughter will be doing from one day to the next. But I’m certain that I speak for my wife as well when I say…we wouldn’t change a thing in the world. Regardless of what the situation is, it could always be much worse. Thanks.

  6. mhpgardener on

    Down there, I think a GH would be great during the winter. You could grow just about anything, and it wouldn’t cost an arm and leg to heat it. Summer would be rough because of the excessive heat. Even here, July/Aug is tough. But truthfully, inside or outside…July/Aug are difficult months for gardening.

  7. TableWolfMusic on

    First of all, thank you for the video. Subscribed! Second of all, you can actually make a lot of those things you listed and so you don’t always need to buy them (although buying them is fine if you prefer).
    Your stove is excellent by the way.

  8. mhpgardener on

    You have the right thought with the community gardens. I’ve heard of many places where folks are beginning to work together. I believe there is strength in numbers. And the more people we have working together, the better off we’ll all be.

  9. mhpgardener on

    I have a lot of plans for this year, but if it doesn’t dry up soon, I’ll begin crossing things off the list. It’s way too wet to turn any ground around here. Thanks.

  10. texasprepper2 on

    You’re right about preparedness purchases being an investment instead of an expense.
    Nice job!

  11. Randy Wendel on

    Try using a 1 man post hole digger (gas powered) to remove most of the dirt and then expand with the shovel

  12. geniusinexile on

    That was such a great show! Missed you at the Meetup, friend:) hope you can come down someday!! Hugs to ya’ll! Gie

  13. mhpgardener on

    Cool… I’d like to see it in person myself. But it’s a rather long trip from here to there. I’ll have to watch his videos for now.

  14. jimesau on

    I stopped by Rob’s place not to long ago. He has a super place. Rob is very knowledgable and I can’t wait to listen to the broadcast.

  15. mhpgardener on

    LOL… I am getting blamed left and right these days. 200 maters, you’re gonna be very busy ! Thanks.

  16. ttitanic121 on

    Working together is the most logical step forward. Bobby does a fantastic job growing food,educating us & solving problems we have or have yet to encounter.I think you’ve helped explain parts of my point with the investment & labour cost alone.Can one grow enough food to sustain their family or could they earn the money to buy that food. Labour = Time = Money

  17. Karen Sanders on

    Solar is great. I have am using a small fountain pump for one of my aquaponic gardens. It is great. Here in Perth, Australia we have lots of sun. It is free energy to pump the water. IINET PLAN ON PURCHASING A LARGER PUMP FOR A

  18. bloggermouth on

    Nice shout out to web4deb. I’ve been following his adventure from day one and he is a wealth of inspirational information.

  19. Lafemme46 on

    Told my husband there’s something about mhp that reminds me of myself.The things you go through makes you want to be self sufficient.Our daughter is 20. Her mental capacity is age 3.She has very little speech and, needs us for everything. She had bad seizures until about 2 years ago.The medication she gets now really has worked so far.It’s a struggle but, she is our life and we love her dearly.I’ll keep you and your family in my prays.You are a good man Bobby.

  20. Buffy Hargrove on

    Another thing we are doing is giving laying hen chicks and rabbits away to folks who need them. And if someone needs to raise them but lives, say in an apartment, they keep them here, tend them here, get their eggs here and participate in the harvesting of the meat here when we do ours. Or they can pick which doe of ours they want bred and the bunnies are theirs for free. They are free to take from the bounty that God just happened to put here on our place. It’s sure more than we can use.

  21. mhpgardener on

    Rob will be back on the show March 26th. If it wasn’t such a long ride, I’d show up at those meetups. But it’s a long ways from Virginia to south TX. Thanks G. 😉

  22. mhpgardener on

    Sounds like ya’ll are getting things well organized. As things continue downhill, it will be very important for people to work together as a group, rather than eveyone trying to go solo. I think there is safety in numbers.

  23. mhpgardener on

    Thiram is a fungicide that they apply to seeds to prevent soil fungus problems. I’ve used treated seed…beans, corn, and peas… plenty of times. It’s fairly common. But… if you were to ingest a lot of it, that might be a problem. Supposedly, it doesn’t remain active for very long. A couple of weeks and it’s gone. That’s what they say anyways. I don’t have any way to check it.

  24. nmbr1bldr on

    You know along with those CANDy onions you grow I really think you should also emphasize stuff like growing OP onion varieties. I did that this year with my red TORPEDO onions (Tropea Lunga or equal) and a bunch of different spring onions where I left the plants go to seed the second year. I cleaned them with my kids and now have well over 200,000 onion seeds. I know the seeds themselves are cheap but if you cant afford them than that is another story. Plant some OPSweet Spanish Whites

  25. mhpgardener on

    I forgot about those. I have a problem now with ground water seeping in from so much rain. The clay is getting too sticky to mess with.

  26. mhpgardener on

    You’re welcome. If I didn’t have greenhouses, I wouldn’t be growing anything right now. Still too wet to get into the gardens.

  27. jamescc2010 on

    Yes I do think aquaponics are one the best systems in terms of ease and very cost effective. To hedge against crisis, we NEED to be self sufficient and must grow our own food, besides healthy and delicious, we can and have backup supply. I believe it will be great if we have community gardens for all of neighborhood especially inner cities so people have access to fresh food at all times. For the last depression, food was the most expensive thing to come by and we cannot live without it.

  28. nmbr1bldr on

    Ran out of room. Anyhow plant a bunch of Organic Brown Onions Gladalan Brown and Some OP Reds and OP Whites. I would overwinter them in the greenhouse and than let them go to seed. Or coverthem with plenty straw over winter to see if they will come back. I am not sure about the snow. I have none of that here downunder.

  29. Peach Prepper on

    Have you ever used an electric auger? Would that work for your purpose? It is a great tool for fence post holes.

  30. Taleulah on

    I’m looking forward to seeing all you grow this season Bobby. I only hope my tiny garden makes enough for me to share a little with friends and family. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  31. Buffy Hargrove on

    Our City has now relaxed all the ordinances on self sufficiency. Our food prices here are skyrocketing. We are networking with other people now. I have a lot of equipment that others can’t afford to buy for themselves, so we are working together. Now it’s more than our family doing this. I love hydroponic systems and also vertical gardening at our homes. We got a commercial dehydrator this week to ease that load and our group plans the market trips for everyone. Helping each other matters.

  32. mhpgardener on

    Yep, it’s mine. It’s all homemade, made from electrical conduit. For my first GH and just getting started, I was very happy with it.

  33. greenhousegutter on

    Hi my friend been enjoying your videos. I am building a big greenhouse 44’x128′ gutter connect house. Im like you no help but I’ve almost got it. Just got to save up now for the heating system. Been thinking about a boiler system made from a couple of big propane tanks. Again enjoyed your videos .

  34. Alprofight on

    Hey hows ya doing Bob, been a little since i wrote ya but for sure i’m viewing all your vids since then. I’m planting right now and ive been confront to seeds that are treated with thiram. What do you think about that product? heard about good and bad stuff from that product? a lot of the new seeds i’m buying this year from my dealer have that chemicals on it. Does this product dissipate in the ground or stay there over the year?
    Too many things are said about that product. Do you used them?

  35. nmbr1bldr on

    That is a great Onion. I have not planted it here in Oz but will have it next season for sure! I am getting into my winter now cannot catchya. Try some of them Torpedos. Short keepers but great comapnion for tomato salads!!!

  36. mhpgardener on

    You could probably use the same fertilizer, just mix it differently. But strawberries have different nutrient needs, so something made specially for them would be better. I’d wait till night temps were above freezing on the lettuce. It grows pretty fast and warmer soil would be helpful.

  37. mhpgardener on

    I’ve seen a lot of folks in Australia do AP outside. Look up Rob Bob… he has a pretty large setup outside.

  38. mhpgardener on

    I’d like to find some DC pumps, since they’d match up much better with solar panels. I’ll be looking around.

  39. mhpgardener on

    I beat you to it… I have some Red Wetherfield onions that I’ll be transplanting in the next few days. Gonna put them in a raised bed since the gardens are too wet. I’ll try to let a few go to seed and see what happens. 🙂

  40. TableWolfMusic on

    I remember seeing Jeri Ellsworth’s make solar panels (or rather more specifically photovoltaic cells) en route to making microchips out of household chemicals, like drain cleaner. This link is to part one (if people are interested they can watch it all to realise you do not need to do the complicated computery stuff to get to the photo-voltaic cell stage).
    Here are some extra tips from her too:
    BUT Understandably, others may wish to buy instead (easier).

  41. mhpgardener on

    Now that’s a big greenhouse. Gonna take a lot to heat it too. The boiler sounds interesting. I’d like to have a wood boiler, but they’re not exactly cheap. Thanks.

  42. mhpgardener on

    Thanks. Being self employed, I don’t get a yearly bonus. So I have to do things a little at a time. That sometimes means things take longer to get done, pay as you go. But, at least when it’s done, it’s paid for. I worked on my raised beds today. Since the gardens are so wet, I’ll be planting onions in raised beds. Not my preferred choice, but it’ll work. 🙂

  43. unlearningmonocultur on

    Yes Sir, I’m a little concerned looking at them all. I plan on selling and giving away alot of plants. The more people in our community that grow food the less dangerous it will be as crime goes up with unemployment.

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