4 Snaps 1 Breath + Amazing Outdoor Flower Showcase


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4 Snaps 1 Breath + Amazing Outdoor Flower ShowcaseGrow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. -YouTube happy 420 am! Todays video is a showcase of a good friend of mines grow, who is a legal prop 215 card holder in the state of California. He is growing 2 beautiful beasts. The la

49 comments on “4 Snaps 1 Breath + Amazing Outdoor Flower Showcase

  1. Grow420Guide on

    Just watched his that shit is weak I could do that all day straight, I don’t release my hits that is one constant breath from the start.

  2. Jefferson Weed on

    i would really like if you watched one of my vids….i got outdoor and new indoor going, and could maybe sub to me. i am a loyal watcher, and stayed loyal cus you are fuckin positive and i like the energy you have and you always make me laugh. peace out man keep doing your thing! 420

  3. Mrdute12 on

    Damn a million views in such a short time not even sublbc or growermd has hit that mile stone keep up the good work and kick ass videos

  4. Grow420Guide on

    Bro chill out, its a personal fun challenge I thought my viewers would appreciate and laugh about. Your making yourself look like a tool. You say im not doing anything impressive, at least I am doing something. Other than wasting my time hating, on a subject we can all come together about. GG!

  5. Grow420Guide on

    🙁 at least you caught the low lifes on camera. I hope you got your green back from them. It sucks that patients have to put up with that bullshit.

  6. osprey02 on

    Oh yeah,There looking good. La Tortuga too…I rescued lots of Gopher Turtles forced out on the roads by the Florida brush fires.Relocated them in a safer place….You gonna wait till the end of October to harvest???

  7. Grow420Guide on

    Not really lol, I just dont feel that it needs to be, one day I will be revealed though I cant stay out of frame forever hahaha 🙂

  8. Grow420Guide on

    Will you be at the kush expo in la? I think I am going to have seeds with me there 🙂 handing em out to anyone that wants.

  9. Grow420Guide on

    Cool I never smoke bowls, who wants to re light nasty burnt weed that has been already lit. All about snaps or greenies

  10. ALWAYS HIGH on

    i agree this fool is not doing anything impressive he’s only behaving foolish, making videos for fools and fooling the world lmao but seriously the whole 4 snaps thing is 

  11. ALWAYS HIGH on

    you right dog, my bad. it’s not like i didn’t enjoy watching it. i just don’t approve of it lmao
    anyways why don’t you use a glass screen?

  12. SkaterLadd on

    Nearly got those 4 bowls man! Haha props! I can only do 2 in one breath. And you should totally do a day in the life of a turtle Hahahah! Turtles are chill as fuck!

  13. Grow420Guide on

    Yeah oct is I think his harvest date. And crazy you say that because he found that turtle on his street a real long time ago and just decided to keep it

  14. Grow420Guide on

    That is a really good idea, I was always getting creative making smoking devices, before I had glass. One of the craziest thingsI made was a bubbler out of an Advil bottle lol!

  15. Grow420Guide on

    Hahahahaha! I really dont feel there is a need to have my face be the center of attention. Its all about the cannabis! 🙂

  16. BillitsGrowin on

    Lol 1 mil vids
    I say 420 for the turtle or start a turtle club j/k the outdoor grow is nice please mention that yield!!!

  17. reckless01420 on

    Fukn awsome!! One like away nd I was gona be 69th. I plantd tha same time aswell nd my lil’buds are sexy. Nd all natural!!!

  18. Grow420Guide on

    it was a bic idk why it failed me lol. I have been meaning to, one of those vids that slips my mind all the time lol

  19. kassady dumont on

    omg so beautiful it makes my so happy to see such a beautiful baby hope she makes good tokes and jw wats that one song

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