2012 Outdoor Medical Marijuana grow #4

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2012 Outdoor Medical Marijuana grow #4nor cal garden. strictly prop 215 compliant.

4 comments on “2012 Outdoor Medical Marijuana grow #4

  1. mypaled on

    looks great, whats the deal on the dates on each pic? hope they come out of flower for ya!!

  2. kalifornia chronic on

    its just the date on the camera is not set. these were taken yesterday..and thanks man. they are all pretty much out of it. theyre still growin at least haha!

  3. kalifornia chronic on

    the song is “car full of killers” by berner. and thanks man! im hopin to get some good smoke. hopeuflly youll get somethin in the ground asap! good luck

  4. 81Kush on

    what the song,,,,,,,,,,,, my man! very nice looks good i havent goten minein the ground yet so your doing great! hopefuly i get some clones in by august and have atleast somthing outdoor this year

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