2011 Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow: FEED

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2011 Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow: FEEDA quick update on the ladies with a decent glimpse into a typical organic feeding regiment.

7 comments on “2011 Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow: FEED

  1. KauaiUltras on

    All looks good man. You up in GV, heard you say the valley, fuck yea it gets hot up there during summer.

  2. MrChewymentos on

    They are so young, removing sum of the fan leaves sounds like a great idea to me… Your Con’s look just like the Kryptonite i stuck outside in SF last month… Shits lookin good… I have a SCROG goin in my 600 watt tent also, XJ-13…When you clone are you just choppping ur clones and planting them right into soil outdoors?

  3. medigrow530 on

    its been 100 all week in my area(in the valley), my girls are really shootin for the sky! great job redearth530!

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