World Government Elections 2012 Ron Paul Disinformation


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World Government Elections 2012 Ron Paul DisinformationIn politics, there always has to be a good guy, otherwise there would be a revolt overnight. Good guys are put there as an aphrodisiac for the masses. In America or Canada, it is not hardcore oppressive to its people like other countries of the world. The illusion of freedom is the platform used to manipulate the people. The connections are not few. Ron Paul is a tool of the Illuminati. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that. The Illuminati ALWAYS control both sides of the coin. It’s called Hegelian

7 comments on “World Government Elections 2012 Ron Paul Disinformation

  1. yellowecotec on

    @llibressal ron paul supports legalization marijuana. everywhere they legalize they tax, regulate, control and LIMIT the public to be able to grow a limited number of plants! Cannabis is safer than drinking water ron paul calls it stupid, then says it was NOT outlawed and more people smoke it today….total disinformation, Less people smoke it today are you kidding me?

    ron paul has a lot of CONTRADICTORY information. are you paying attention?

  2. yellowecotec on

    Cannabis needs to be exempted from all laws practically everywhere, the only way to put the cartels out of business is to allow the cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution, sales, trade, sharing, possession, consumption and use of cannabis (hemp) for industrial, medicinal, nutritional and recreational purposes repealed. Nobody has any right to restrict anyone, any age, a harmless plant safer than drinking water.

  3. llibressal on

    Ron Paul is clearly in favor for the repeal of federal marijuana laws so as to leave it to the states to decide what will be legal or illegal. Why does this video oppose him and what “disimformation” is it citing? I must have missed it.

  4. yougottabekiddinmee on

    If Ron Paul is one of them, we are doomed. He is as far outside the mainstream as we have ever seen. I hope your wrong

  5. yellowecotec on

    I predict massive amounts of Ron Paul cult members who will attack my efforts for trying to present a balanced presentation of truth that is ignored and generally not known, they will rate the video negative and they will help each other out to distract and stop any real activism from taking place. Watch the likes and dislikes WHERE IS THE LOVE?

    It happens every time I try and give a balanced view of something, I suspect paid disinformation agents who are trying to maintain a corrupt monopoly.

  6. yellowecotec on

    Communism was a boogeyman to take people off focus from the real enemy (Vatican UN one world government) brought to you by: the groups who gave you nazi germany, fascism, communism, socialism and CIA color revolutions.

    They cant do it without the peoples support. The hijacked activist movement has been compartmentalized and separated. Each conspiracy theorist has his own views and is unwilling to work with others. The propaganda being pushed in the media has diluted the truth so heavily.

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