Why is the FDA avoiding medicinal marijuana, it’s sold in pharmacies as a regular prescription?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Joe B asked:

Insurance covers it like a regular prescription, but somehow it’s not a prescription?

Any prescription medicine MUST be FDA approved, the FDA is skirting this issue as more and more states legalize marijuana on the medicinal level, why?
Mutt, what about the federal law that says all prescriptions must be FDA approved, one federal law has precedence over another?
I guess it’s like a riddle, how many states have to legalize it medicinally before the FDA is forced to back it?

5 comments on “Why is the FDA avoiding medicinal marijuana, it’s sold in pharmacies as a regular prescription?

  1. vote_usa_first on

    FDA is a VERY small group of people. I believe its 12 or 13 individuals. It is comical how small the FDA is and the power they have over limiting the peoples access to cures.

    For the FDA, or the federal govt for that matter, to recognize the utility of A NATURAL PLANT means that it reduces their potential for theft of wealth via fees, licensing, and government involvement.

    Instead of being there ‘to protect’ people, it is there to ‘protect revenue’. Prohibitive actions to ‘protect revenue’. Tax income from the food and drug AND industrial industry. To ‘protect govt revenue’ is to directly prevent more wise consumer financial decisions.

    *The federal law that says marijuana is illegal is clear, and clearly abused. The Interstate Commerce Clause is used improperly to regulate substances that never leave the state.

    *Abolish the FDA

  2. MikeGolf on

    Because medical marijuana is not covered under Federal Law. In fact all of the FDA studies on the stuff have concluded that safer and more effective alternatives exist to treat the medical “conditions” that the marijuana supporters claim to treat.

    Of course nobody wants the stuff that has been demonstrated to be ‘safe and effective’ to current scientific standards because it will not get you high.

  3. Lea on

    There is a separate federal law which prohibits marijuana. If that law was repealed, then the FDA could review it.

    The FDA has approved several THC derivatives. The issue is that the FDA is not known to approve known carcinogens for medical purposes. To be approved, you must show benefit>risk. Also, for some drugs, they must prove they are non-inferior to currently available drugs.

  4. midnightmoon on

    What drives me nuts about the situation is that the have synthetic thc prescriptions. You can get marinol, legally, in all 50 states, as long as you have the rx, from any pharmacy…. And guess what? It costs an arm and a leg, like 1500+ per month.

    THAT is the reason they avoid it. They will no longer be able to rake in the money from their symthetic marijuana if real marijuana is an actual rx.

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