Where do you stand on the issue of medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Katie M asked:

Should it be legal?

28 comments on “Where do you stand on the issue of medicinal marijuana?

  1. Gymmy on

    Plain and simple…If its necessary go for it!!

    Kitty dont like to respond with long answers!

    Ancient chinese proverb says: “He who sits high on toilet is high on pot!!!”

    Get it??

    Kitty is being silly!!

  2. clarity on

    It absolutely should be legal. The people smoking medicinal pot are not adding to the drug problems in this company. We’re not talking crack, heroine or any of a number of other drugs. I think it’s a great step forward to stop raiding the homes of medicinal marijuana users.

  3. xjoizey on

    It is legal in 14 states. I live in one of them and it’s great. I’m 70 and use it for chronic arthritis pain.
    It should be legal in all states

  4. Lumpy Taters on

    I used to be anti-weed. but a few things were shown and explained to me. If we would legalize it, it would generate a lot of revenue from taxes. It could be just like cigarettes, keep raising the taxes and everyone would quit using. and the people that used it would have to pay the price. Look at alcohol, we went through probation, people still used it, so we made it legal, a lot of revenue, and they keep raising the taxes.

  5. nap4gbp on

    aslong as it has been around it has been illegal, so we really don’t know if it good or bad, so i feel if it will help than it should be fine to use.I have never used it si don’t really know what it does or doesn’t do, but research should be done about it’s effects on people instead of telling everyone it’s illegal..

  6. KathyC on

    i have always thought it should be legal…if it is the prisons in OK would close down….i am embarrased to say OK locks up more pot smokers than any other state and puts pedophiles on bracelets! you dont black out or lose consiousness or run over school buses or anything else if thats the only thing you’re on… if thats all my kids ever did i could sleep just fine at night…and if you have it fine when you dont..you dont go robbing people that is other drugs that lead to that…smoke baby smoke it grows naturally for something! lol

  7. mrwizard on

    A grandparent speaking here:

    The two predominant subjects in High School are-

    SEX & POT plus a little homework:)

    Legalizing its use will have no effect on the use of it in teens.

    It is my first italicized word here that really concerns me—

    When it comes to my grandchildren

    Peer pressure was never like this when we were teens.

  8. Patti on

    Yes. Considering the synthetic prescription drugs that are being advertised on tv and all the side-effect precautions, medical marijuana doesn’t seem near as toxic as those. I wish hemp were legal to grow, the seeds are very nutritious, can buy them already hulled in the health food stores, imported from Canada. I would love to grow my own and have heard they put a lot of seeds on each plant.

  9. Monty on


    When my son was so sick, his doctor told me that he absolutely had to have it. The doctor saw to it, and I was grateful. I saw how that marijuana gave my son “the munchies” and made it possible for him to eat. Without it, he had no desire to eat, and his stomach was unsettled. It also calmed his badly frayed nerves. Was directly responsible for that boy’s survival for a longer time.

  10. missingora on

    We spend far too much money and man hours looking for roaches in ashtrays. Our money and time could be far better spent. I had a severe back injury in 1980 and no medication nor treatment helped. My husband brought me some marijuana and it took my pain away. Today I am disabled and in much pain. Marijuana is not legal in my state so I take dozens of pills a day. If I could have medicinal marijuana my life would be much more pleasant. But no! I’m taking prescription pills that don’t work. Silly!

  11. jd on

    It never should have been made illegal. It was grouped into a bad drug list for no reason. It is not narcotic or habit forming and has some great benefits.
    If everyone had a pot plant in the back yard we wouldn’t have young people with prison records and the cops could pay more attention to drunk drivers.
    I never met a pot head looking for a fight. I never met a drunk that wasn’t.

  12. rotorhead on

    Under the Constitution, the Fed Gov didn’t have any Right to make it illegal in the first place. It should have been left up to each individual State to regulate.

    And yes, medical marijuana should be legal.

  13. CJ on

    Yes. I heard about a study that was done with Fibromyalgia patients, but I was too late to be accepted. I have the everyday pain ; then I have flair-ups that are unbearable. No pain medication helps. I think I should have the right to use it during those times. Several of Dr. Kevorkian’s clients had Fibromyalgia.

  14. Reidun on

    Why can’t the Government get on board with this. Of course it should
    be legalized with a prescription. Yes, it is a drug and the Government
    should be vigilant.

  15. rosebud on

    I think that anything that works for pain control and appetite enhancement for people with serious or terminal illness should be legal by prescription. I also think that if marijuana can slow the progression of glaucoma, then that should be a legal use. It’s always amazed me that narcotics like morphine and oxycontin are legal for pain control, but that marijuana is not. It’s probably much safer than either of these narcotics.

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