What are your feelings about medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Ivanna Feckalot asked:

Prescribed by a doctor.

14 comments on “What are your feelings about medicinal marijuana?

  1. princess_condom on

    Mary J has been used for thousands of years to heal & cure… why should we stop now, just because a few right wingers think it’s morally wrong…

    One of my clients owns a hydroponics company in Canada.. they are seeing a huge boom in business due to the marijuana clinics.. both in the USA & abroad…

    I smoke pot and I’m healthy as can be…

  2. Maui Guy on

    Oh…prescribed. I thought it was all medicinal… And by a doctor? Well, I do know this guy in Jamaica known as Dr. Dread…. Does that count?

  3. slave2luv_xxx on

    I’m all for it!
    I smoke it regularly anyways but have given it to family members who have been in agony because of cancer or whatnot and it’s the best thing that got them through they say.I find it quite sad that so many people just can’t see after all these centuries just how natural and healing it can be…xxx

  4. Mr. Tater Salad on

    I’m in favor of it. It has fewer side effects than many of the drugs that take millions of dollars to develop, and cost an arm and a leg to buy.

  5. RIVERKID on

    I think there are other drugs doctors can prescribe, but that’s me. ———-

    I never smoked marijuana for medical reaons.

  6. Kamikaze Watermelon on

    Did you know that marijuana was originally developed as a medicine to cure for HIV and influenza? Only in 1934 did it start becoming a harmful drug when it was used incorrectly. The sale of marijuana is illegal in most parts of the world today.

  7. Big Dog D on

    Sure why not?! Cant be any worse than some of the crap they do prescribe?! Now, Dr. Ivanna, Im ready to get my prescription filled, and I will make up payment in other ways *wink, wink*.

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