What are the positives in the approval for medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
aguilar409 asked:

doing a persuasive speech on why medical marijuana should be aproved. Need the positives of why it should be approved and an other arguments for it.

8 comments on “What are the positives in the approval for medicinal marijuana?

  1. Garrett on

    1: It serves as a effective and cheap pain killer, most other alternatives used now have much worse side effects and cost way more!
    2: legalizing marijuana will lower crime by eliminating a source of revenue for criminal gangs, walmart will blow them away with there low prices (:
    3: We will valuable time and resources because we will no longer have to arrest people who smoke marijuana for health benefits, the police will finally be able to focus on crimes that actually effect society.

    Good luck in making your essay.

  2. Vernal H on

    the government can grow it sell it tax it and put a lot of crooks out of business. it also helps a lot of people with aids feel better.

  3. Cassie on

    THC (the active chemical in marijuana) has actually been found to protect neurons from damage in adults (not in children – it actually kills brain cells in children) and so it can be used to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

  4. Montana W on

    It is by far the safest pain reliever. There are ZERO marijuana related death. For godsake aspirin kills 500 people a year! it is also an anxiety reliever in many cases, although different strains have different anxiety effects. If someone is DYING of cancer, who the hell is to say they cant enjoy the relaxing effects of marijuana?

  5. Jimmy on

    It’s non-toxic. The large majority of prescription medicines these days can be overdosed on and therefore cause death. Cannabis can not.

    Most anecdotal reports say patients using Cannabis claim it is more effective than other medicine prescribed to them.

    The only side effect anyone should get, used responsibly, is the “high” which is a good thing anyway. It relaxes you, makes you more sociable and enhances your senses.

    Cannabis can treat and cure a wide variety of illness and disease.
    It has anti-inflammatory effects, painkiller effects, anti-tumor effects (Cancer!), combats nausea and improves appetite, just to name a few!

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