What a real person thinks of Medicinal Marijuana


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What a real person thinks of Medicinal Marijuana*READ FIRST* This is VERY difficult for me to put out into the world. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing, shameful, and just generally “not a good fucking idea” in my head. But I’m asking you, if you never watch another one of my videos with complete attention…watch this one. So many people need what this little plant has to offer. I could go on and on about it and try to explain everything I’ve learned about this plant over the years but there’s no substitute for your own research and

25 comments on “What a real person thinks of Medicinal Marijuana

  1. BitchWABishi on

    @XxhilfmirxX Exactly why I’m refusing any more of the doctor’s “drugs.”

    I don’t plan to maintain my current smoking regimen forever…I hope to taper if off more once I’m farther into my therapy.

  2. XxhilfmirxX on

    spent 8 months doing research on this.. you can take my word on this people just dont want to live up to the facts. i did legal research through my university.. what happened? i got rejected and had to come up with a new research even though i had authorization by the government AND my university to grow ( only 1 plant) and do my research. as for the anxiety thing, im on the same boat and when it comes to suicide (17 attempts with 3 leading to the ER) ..

  3. BitchWABishi on

    @Kingsnake1 Never in my life had I even thought of doing that to myself. Now it’s become kind of an addiction in itself.
    Looking at yourself is scary for sure. And I’ve run from my problems for years. Ran across the country lol
    Maybe the pharmaceuticals do work for some people…and power to them to use those tools to help them get to the root of the issue within themselves.
    I just want to be able to use the 100% natural and less harmful alternative. It works for me. Plain and simple 🙂

  4. BitchWABishi on

    @holistic6I6 Thank you 🙂 I do apologize for being so flakey with my videos. Time doesn’t usually allow me to complete all the tasks and crazy ideas my brain likes to think up and stress about.

  5. Kingsnake1 on

    i’d tend to disagree. i mean weed to me was always a sort of artificial happiness. i got to that point where i needed it to function and it was part of my routine. i think you should really spend a little more time with therapy, because 2 months doesn’t seem like enough time to unearth whatever issues you may have… particularly when it comes to self harm if you’d never done it before. i do think we are too quick to pop a pill to fix everything, rather than take an honest look at ourselves.

  6. batfly on

    These goddamn doctors prescribing synthetic mind fuck drugs makes me violently ill. The pharmaceuticals will eventually KILL YOU.

    Good for you for finding the truth about Cannabis. It is a merciful gift…

  7. BitchWABishi on

    @Kingsnake1 I completely agree with everything you said. But you also have to realize it affects different people in different ways. Weed’s never given me any kind of innate “happiness.” But it’s never anchored me to the couch either. It baffles people to this day how I’ll smoke a bowl and then study for hours, or clean my house, or get my files organized.
    I’m also still in therapy. 🙂 But refusing to take any more drugs. Pot is the “nudge” I need to help me.
    Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  8. GuardianZeus21 on

    wow I had similar things happen in my life and Cannabis was the only thing that helped me. Its Illegal here in Australia but after a few month of research I decided to try Cannabis as a last resort and it has turned my life around. I now own a house and getting my life back on track. I still think that it is not for everyone. But for many it saves lives. Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. XxhilfmirxX on

    @BitchWABishi btw, michigan has medical marijuana legalized, and my cousin got a licence by telling them he wanted to switch from antidepressants. also the university at michigan is one hell of a school especially for the price.

  10. batfly on

    Laws in general are bullshit… All we have to know is the Non Aggression Principle to get along with each other… But when you see laws which attack the sovereignty over the well being and state of our consciousness? That is tyrannical terrorism of the worse kind…

    The time has come where people have been pushed into the corner and they are fighting back…

    No more shall we be weak… We will have dominion over our own thoughts!

  11. artdeco101010 on

    It’s been medicine for thousands of years – the legislation of the past 100 years can’t change that.

  12. BitchWABishi on

    @batfly People are waking up. There’s no lie there. Not that I really support the “non-movement” that is Occupy (it’s unorganized, they have no real GOAL, it’s causing a burden on an already weak country) but at least people are doing SOMETHING.

    We’ll see it legalized in our time. I’m convinced of it. If the government won’t allow us this simple freedom…what’s next? The People won’t have that, I promise you. There’ll be an anarchy before the US People give up any freedoms.

  13. XxhilfmirxX on

    @XxhilfmirxX also be lucky you didnt get prescribed lexapro. made me hallucinate shadowy figures who whispered to me almost 24/7, pretty much schizophrenic.

    im currently not taking anything nor am i smoking to keep me relaxed… but what i am doing is keeping good friends around you and doing something you like. havent had a single problem for 2-3 years now?

  14. Kingsnake1 on

    @BitchWABishi I understand. The same argument for medications though… some of them do amazing things for people. I think our problem is that we are always looking outside of ourselves for something to “fix” us. No one is willing take the time to reflect on their own lives and see the little pieces that make up the whole. I think a little self exploration and honesty goes a long way, sometimes it’s as simple as a new job or a change of scenery. Had you self-harmed prior to meds?

  15. beautifullylost on

    I also took seroquel and I would black out on that, all I did was sleep too, it’s terrible, I’m on 3 mood stabilizers, abilify, tegretol, and depakote, with wellbutrin, and it sux big time, I also am on klonopin for my social anxiety. Maybe you have manic depression, hope not it’s no fun, but yeah cannabis is a god send. By the way, you kind of remind me of Gidget 🙂

  16. brasilianbaby07 on

    It isn’t shameful…You’re really brave to have made this video. I agree completely…I’m also a criminal for smoking a plant. It is fun recreationally, sure. But it DOES have medicinal qualities. My issues to go as far as yours…but I understand the medicinal quality. It’s quiets down my mind as well…

  17. XxhilfmirxX on

    @XxhilfmirxX want hard facts on medicinal properties of marijuana?
    it is single handedly the STRONGEST antiemetic around (prevents nausea).
    slows the growth of cancer.
    less addictive than a cup of coffee
    less harmful than alcohol
    and so on…

    take everything they told you and expect the opposite of it to be true. (AS someone who has researched this with federal grants)

  18. beautifullylost on

    I have manic depression, basically bipolar 1, the worst kind and I’m on meds, they don’t work much, Cannabis helps my mania and lifts my depression at the same time, or at least this is what I find, I live in Texas but it is not feasible for me to move:(

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