We Remember Peter McWilliams

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We Remember Peter McWilliamsPeter Alexander McWilliams was an amazing New York Times best-selling author, a poet, self-publisher, advocate and activist. He was an advocate of those suffering from depression. Peter championed the use of St. John’s Wort-a natural healing herb for those who suffer from depression. He wrote books on computers that help the disabled, poetry, along with co-authoring books on loss and depression, to self-help books in the LIFE 101 series, to the Libertarian Manifesto, “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if

50 comments on “We Remember Peter McWilliams

  1. WeRememberPeter on

    @cccdirector he was an amazing man. 11 years after he’s been gone people still read his books and are still touched by his words. i love him so. thank you. i do hope everyone is pleased. see you soon.

  2. WeRememberPeter on

    @nowmodern oh wow. well just remember you are beautiful, just as you are and don’t let anyone make you feel less. i am so glad Peter’s words helped save your life. he was a wonderful man, and i am glad this video is something you like!!! stay you!

  3. WeRememberPeter on

    @keithviahelio why thank you! i think Peter’s life deserved a lot of time and attention. not something i could just crank out in a second. 🙂

  4. WeRememberPeter on

    @bwisok thank you Brian!!! and i look forward to adding your piece to the dot org site when I am prepared to do so.

  5. cureworks on

    Peter McWilliams is the patron saint of self-publishing, blazing a freeman’s trail in a world of wealthy publishers. His books are life changing. YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE LUXURY OF A NEGATIVE THOUGHT, AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS IF YOU DO.. legendary list.
    This is such a touching tribute for one of one of the greatest souls in the 20th Century. The childhood pictures, stunning. He did what he came for. I’m eternally grateful to Peter’s Curator for her wonderful song, a perfect frame for his life.

  6. WeRememberPeter on

    @Chuquai yes, that book has helped me a lot in just a couple of years. i am glad it helped you. it’s an amazing book.

  7. neverwasastar on

    thank you for sharing this with us, Julia. :] this is a beautiful video tribute, and it’s full of love and passion, which I can feel in the video and that makes it even better. Peter seems like he was a great man, full of humor and life. I loved the “laissez fairy” line especially, that cracked me up. XD I’m going to have to check out his writings.
    keep up the great work, Miss Curator. ^^

  8. ParkerSpecialEvents on

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you very much Julia, I really really love it, you’re so kind to dedicate so much of your energy and talents. I appreciate all you are doing to help keep Peter’s remarkable legacy on the minds and in the hearts of us all. I remember falling in love with poetry after reading Peter’s book “Come Love with me and Be my Life”

  9. rotarianraj on

    we love you Peter and Peter’s Angel… Julia! its so nice.
    ‘Right now’ we say you done a great job in this video and we can imagine how much (energy, efforts etc.,) has gone in to this. Congratulations Julia, God Bless You and keep-up the good work…

  10. projectpeace on

    Thank you Peter…& Thank you Julia. It is beautifully honest to honor someone so playful, in such a beautiful & playful way.

  11. billstclair on

    Peter’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do” was my introduction to libertarian thought. But I never met him. This video has given a wonderful view of a gentle soul, snuffed out by prohibition.

  12. WeRememberPeter on

    @DemonHide thanks so much Demon Hide. 🙂 i admire your writing as well and i’m so grateful you took the time to view this 🙂

  13. WeRememberPeter on

    @tsilimon Yes i spent tons of time on this…thank you and for saying i am a great singer, means a lot. 🙂 Peter’s writing is the best 🙂

  14. cureworks on

    I keep coming back to the ultimate, life changing wisdom, stop the drama before it happens “Why must I always fall for chicken shits on ego trips.” Doctor it hurts when i do this. Doctor responded: so don’t do that. Stop falling for chicken shit leadership and take your power back. We don’t have to keep on with stupid government policy. I nominate Peter McWilliams for saint hood in whatever churches of hemp exist today. Anything less is an abomination in my opinion. Stop the drug war now

  15. DemonHide on

    Truly beautiful. It’s not just the words, it’s the power behind them that only Peter can evoke so completely! Makes you feel that things will be all right, even if they aren’t right now.

  16. nowmodern on

    love it thank you… that took me back to the day as a very young gay man searching for more then a fag rag in the local gay bookstore in baltimore in the self help section this book life 101 gave me so much hope…many years later i find myself reading peters work as often as the work of many wise men..i would not have made it without peters and for this i am forever gratefull to peter and the words he left us with love &light jason

  17. WeRememberPeter on

    @neverwasastar thank you so much Beth!! wow what a nice thing to say! love back, Miss Curator 🙂

  18. tsilimon on

    I loved the video! It’s very polished and professionally produced! I especially like Peter’s writing. It’s a bit offbeat, but I understand it very well. You obviously spent a lot of time on this and it really shows!
    And you’re a great singer!

  19. WeRememberPeter on

    @Casner123 i wish i could hug him and tell him i love him!! well maybe someday right?

  20. WeRememberPeter on

    @mariathelion9 i never knew him either. wish i could. i am so glad to hear you will get some of his books!! yay!

  21. rotarianraj on

    Superb tribute to Peter and it is so beautiful and lovely Julia! Your singing makes all the difference to make this tribute unique. God Bless you Julia and grant you with all that you want…. you make us remember Peter forever….Thanks once again!

  22. WeRememberPeter on

    @rynoxil thank you, i’d love to sing at Hempfest…thanks for the kind words about me. 🙂 i am the one involved with this video, it’s all my concept and creation and it just took a long time 🙂 but hope it’s worth it

  23. honoringthetruth on

    What’s brilliant about this video is the balance between Peter McWilliams the poet and Peter McWilliams the activist. All aspects of his essence are captured strikingly, and succinctly. It also humanizes him. We see him as a child, a vulnerable teenager, an achieving adult. It might have taken 11 years but this is the most fitting tribute of this man I have ever seen.

  24. ThePrincessStardusty on

    THANK YOU FOR SHARING PETER WITH US !!! thank you for you, your music,…. OMG JULIA … THIS IS BEAUTIFUL…. !!! OMG,…. I love this … i’m in tears,

  25. WeRememberPeter on

    @cureworks thanks for noticing every aspect of this—you’re one of the few that picked out the images of him as a child as their favourite but i wanted bad to present Peter as a full person not just some idea…thank you again…

  26. WeRememberPeter on

    @projectpeace Wow thanks Peace! i appreciate your warm words. He was playful. 🙂 He had a sense of humor even when he fell ill. He was amazing. Thanks for seeing that!

  27. WeRememberPeter on

    @ingersoll420 awe i am sorry to hear you cried through the whole thing-Peter would only want happy tears so i hope they are happy 🙂

  28. phoenixtimes2 on

    Some people enter this world that hear a different tune than most and those people make all of our lives better. By speaking the language of their hearts, they help others discover their own. Peter was such a person.

  29. WeRememberPeter on

    @billstclair Thanks Bill! 🙂 thanks so much for writing about Peter in the first place!

  30. seeker1114 on

    I met Peter on a flight from Detroit to the west coast early in my TWA flight attendant career and He was impressed that I could recite one of his poems (a long one) from memory; I was happy to put a face on someone who had influenced my life in such a positive way with mere words. He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent who enjoyed life to the fullest and wish for everyone else to do the same. Thank you for the tribute and rest in peace, Peter.

  31. bwisok on

    Simply a wonderful memorial for an amazing and thoroughly helpful individual. I was pleased to review his You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought , as well as his treatise on liberty, Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do. Sui generis among the sui generis.

  32. WitchgrassDream on

    That’s beautiful, Julia ~
    Music, images, words… I learned many things and felt the warmth of Peter and your love for him.

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