The Grassroots Story and the 710 Cup


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The Grassroots Story and the 710 Cup – News May 16th, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide! For more informa…

37 comments on “The Grassroots Story and the 710 Cup

  1. herbprophet on

    I don’t like their hats they are too over sized looking and kinda too flashy and flamboyant in my opinion, but to each his own…

  2. Romes P on

    i remember when The Nile in Venice Beach had the first line ever of hats 4 years ago. i still have that shit

  3. Acronaitor on

    Never knew the grassroots story nor that they donated to charity! Very cool video. Now I gotta go get myself one of those caps

  4. QualityKush on

    Scrolling through the iPhone app and I thought the dude from pawn stars was with grass roots . Thumbnail tripped me out!

  5. Diego Saucedo on

    That’s retarded … The 710 cup is not even at 7/10 its the 12-14 … It should be 713 cup

  6. Iceburg0032 on

    When he said “surprise” Too his family I bet it was noooo surprise! Haaa haa….they were like…we always knew you a pot head!!

  7. josh awakenedOne on

    Great vid like always. CANT WAIT til i move out to boulder, ill have sum goodies your def. gona need to try Gil. Much love, Peace

  8. rob frost on

    im not a hat guy especially the flat brim hats, but i realllyyyyy wana grassroots hat!

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