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The DispensaryAn on-line reality series that takes an up close and personal look at the controversial characters and business of medicinal marijuana as THE DISPENSARY premieres on YouTube. THE DISPENSARY pilot episode takes viewers inside the doors of GreenCure, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 1716 Main Street in Venice, CA where Brian Swink and his knowledgeable staff tend to an array of quirky characters attempting to buy, sell, trade and get medicated. The staff amusingly clashes with each other,

29 comments on “The Dispensary

  1. angelfraire24 on

    You guys should be ashamed of yourself, why would you put a women prostituting herself for beautiful herb. That’s just showing that you’re not a legitimate business and that you’re no better than some street dealer. Then you go asking why the police are shutting down dispensaries. Highly disappointed…..

  2. darian1112 on

    wow wtf ,just WTF, I thought this was going to be a legit show, now I see why discovery picked this up, they just want to fuck it up, I really hope this is not how every episode is, talk about branding mmj as illegitimate, fuck this show. DO A WEED WAR EPISODE OF CHUBBS CLINIC CPA! THAT’S LEGIT.

  3. Brannabis on

    I’m sorry to hear about the 4 pounds, I can’t stand thieves. Good luck with your business, Green Cure. 🙂

  4. wontbnone on

    u guys should take this video off youtube before it gets any real coverage. this will only hurt the movement

  5. washingtonpa420 on

    WHAAAAA? the female bud tender is a fucking bitch for treating that lady the way she did. I have worked at a dispensary and you treat everyone with respect no matter how much money they have in their pocket. harborside is a MUCH more professional club, this place is giving a bad name.. at least they card people lol

  6. MakingBoost on

    There are good aspects of this show, but the schtick is WAY over the top.
    A honest show just talking with the patients and having the business portrayed in a positive light would be much more beneficial.
    I hope that episode two has less of the things that detract from the overall decent show.

  7. THCvegas on

    The real weed wars? Right…. I can see form all the “support” your getting on your page…. Thanks for the support on our the way. We really appreciate it.

  8. ambitiousfilmsLA on

    @williramone All scenes in THE DISPENSARY are actual documented events that took place at GreenCure in Venice, CA. Please note: Not all dispensaries are as colorful and entertaining (example: Weed Wars).

  9. InlandGreen on

    Yall Have Gigantic Enormous Balls –
    Peace From The I.E.
    And yea, i agree with MakinBoost completely.

  10. williramone on

    Liar, liar, pants on fire. Do you think I’m stupid or something, this crap has got some of the worst acting in it ive ever seen in my entire life.
    These may be things that once happened there, but do you honestly expect me to believe that it happened while you were filming? Hahaha, its filmed in 3 different angles with everyone perfectly in frame

  11. GREENFiSHism on

    You guys need to wake up and grow a f–king brain.. This is exactly why the FED wants to crack down on dispensaries. If you want keep your job, just shut up about it and stop posting videos like this. Here we clearly see a woman prostituting herself for what’s supposed to be medicine and you guys are consenting to that in your work place. Honestly I don’t know what you guys are thinking. You’re not helping the MJ community — only hurting.

  12. ftffighter on

    im a firm believer that dispensaries should not get raided…this dispensary should get raided, they deserve it for being dumbasses

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