Should marijuana be legal?


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Should marijuana be legal?As of midnight today, Thursday December 6th, marijuana became legal not only for medicinal use but also recreational use in Washington State. Do you think it should be legal or illegal? Links: http ENGLISH LESSONS AND LISTENING IN SLOW EASY ENGLISH! This lesson is all in slow and easy English to make it easy for you to follow and understand. Listening to a lot of English is necessary to improve your speaking but regular TV and

3 comments on “Should marijuana be legal?

  1. g2hector on

    Hi, thanks for all those videos, I think that discuss important issues is fulfilling the objective of teaching English in a fun and educational way.
    Could you make a video with the topic “when can I use (no or not)”, this may sound easy but it can become a nightmare for ESL students. thanks in advance

    e.g. there is no or there is not ( I know the context is very important)

  2. nhnhkim77 on

    Hi. Im in Canada but here , smoking marijuana is legal . i think people have a right to smoke , but it shouldnt be smoked in public places. For example, when i walk on the park, or somewhere , i easliy can smell of marijunana. It is an invasion of a person’s privacy.

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