Season 2: Day 28 Flower Update


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Season 2: Day 28 Flower UpdateA quick update on week 4, day 28 flowers they are looking fantastic, 6 weeks till harvest!!!! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips,…

50 comments on “Season 2: Day 28 Flower Update

  1. TrailerParkPotDealer on

    great vid, one question, why are the edges of´╗┐ the leafs curled up like that?

  2. Derp Derpity on

    Keep up the good work, you help a lot of folks out there. That’s a very noble thing.´╗┐ Peace

  3. Jesse Stelmaszek on

    I love the channel, I subbed last season but Im actually trying to get a channel of my own started with a friend.´╗┐ We need some Grow420Guidance… Help?

  4. slie9026 on

    Thanks bro xyea ill make sure they are water Im just worried sometin bad would happen´╗┐ if Im not seein it daily its my baby lol

  5. Grow420Guide on

    duct tape and cross your fingers. If its really really bad and under developed´╗┐ cut the branch and your losses focus the energy on other buds. If its already quite matured you could always harvest that branch early.

  6. waza waz on

    Stoning my ass off (SMAO) ahahah
    great,great work !!! love it!!!
    just´╗┐ wonder,what wattage are the lights?

  7. meghan00851 on

    Damn homie they’re lookn amazingly beautiful. Nice n healthy n luscious. By week 8 or 10 these ladies are gonna b massive. Lovin the vids lovin the enthusiasm and lookn 4ward´╗┐ to the Grow420Guy vid and what all u guys are giving bk to ur followers. I’m feelin the love. Peace Love n Pot!

  8. tonymengela on

    I had a similar thing happen, use a little rooting paste, and slightly coat the inside of break, use a cloth wrap and tie it in places just enough for it to support weight, if it´╗┐ is just the top root it in a different pot to clone it, the bottom repair as I described and you will probably get three or four good branches!

  9. tonyap420 on

    Shout out to grow420guy an u bro great montage vid an beautiful harvest yall´╗┐ hope it medicated u greatly peace an pot!!!

  10. Jamesandkate25 on

    don’t know why it´╗┐ replied to your comment it was spose to be replying to 420guide

  11. GrimMagelol on

    ­čśÇ I love how your plants bud so well or at least they´╗┐ look bigger on camera ­čśÇ Looking awesome for day 28 man ­čśÇ Can’t wait to see the monster nugs.

  12. Grow420Guide on

    Much agreed tonymengela, very few of the trollz haters whatever you wanna call them can’t explain because I don’t think they can comprehend that there is no 1 way of growing or, what they believe is the best or correct´╗┐ way. There are so many natural and un-natural products on the market so many techniques so many variables that make each farm and farmer different.

  13. jacob9818 on

    yo you´╗┐ should check out my channel it’s my first time growing from seed advice is needed. it would be appreciated

  14. grow420guy on

    damnit hahaha´╗┐ yeah i meant 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 7 feet tall…wake and bake got to me this morning ­čÖé

  15. Jamesandkate25 on

    My girlfriend just broke a top branch on a plant and it tore down the main stem pretty bad. Any advice? Kinda freaked out. Rookie grower so any help´╗┐ would b awesome.

  16. Mad Hatter on

    Hey man I would really like to hook you up with some our products before they hit the market. Contact me´╗┐ at for more information bro, thank you
    And your girls look phenomenal !

    Heights bro

  17. tonymengela on

    Please tell us then what is better and why it is better scientifically please. Different farmers use different nutrients based on their farming methods and ways of thinking. Whatever I use to grow any´╗┐ kind of plants or vegetables I look for is the most natural and proper balanced for highest of quality for particular crop. A lot of people like to just get it grown and cropped fast, but not as quality, (just enough). I see a lot of opinions and haters, few ever intelligently explain their opinion

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