Romney vs Reefer

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Romney vs ReeferObama said he didn’t care, and then aggressively went after medicinal dispensaries. Romney comes right out and admits he’s an idiot on these issues. LiveLife8072’s animation that I did some voices for:

50 comments on “Romney vs Reefer

  1. rhabdoviridae on

    Ok, so how’s this:

    Florida, where even being called a dick is still too friendly of a description…?

  2. g206029 on

    Sounds like my defense when I was still a Christian 🙂

    I was where you are just 6 years ago. I suggest some Carl Sagan, Darwin, Hitch, and Dawkins over the next year and lots of NatGeo and the science channel. Cures a delusion fast!

  3. FatRakoon on

    American politicians ALWAYS listen to Scientific advisors…
    Trouble is their science advisors are Creation science!

  4. CouchPaladin on

    Fucking the opinions of medical professionals and the lives of people with illnesses, gotta use the law to enforce the good ol down home boy morality

  5. jerm1027 on

    Little crazy? You’re not giving Ron Paul enough credit. That guy is bat-shit crazy.

  6. TheBoxingCannabyte on

    A little crazy in his ideologies? That’s one hell of an understatement. And this is coming from a former supporter of his.

  7. SpaceCowboy1218 on

    What does he know, he has no point of reference. He doesn’t drink coffee, tea, beer, wine. How many people at least enjoy a “drug” every once in awhile.

  8. calabiyou on

    if pot was legal I wouldnt become a rabid bong head just as I dont drink a bottle of whiskey or wine a day because there’s a bottle shop down the road. grown ups know their limits. it would be nice to get a couple of grams of good interesting pot say three or four times a year to have a cheap holiday and reflect on life while not even leaving the house.

  9. pamew on

    Why bother when they and their pharmaceutical lobbyist friends can just buy a guy who’ll blindly repeat “pot is bad, mmkay?”

    I guess we’re supposed to ignore the multitudes of doctors, patients, scientists and even an ex surgeon general who think it’s great stuff.

  10. hallavast on

    2 of your recent videos are about legalization and the War on Terror. I applaud you for denouncing Romney as the asshole he is. But I notice that you’ve been relatively silent about all the other candidates running for office. For example, Obama has done nothing after 3.5 years in office to help legalization, and he’s publicly stated he’s against it. You referenced Ron Paul as an advocate of legalization. Does your condemnation of Romney include Obama as well? And is it an endorsement for Paul?

  11. feralaesthetic on

    “I, I, I’m opposed to legalizing marijuana because that’s what my uh… my uh… the people that give me money tell me to say durrrr…..”

  12. samuriguy909 on

    the beginning clip of romney made me want to shoot the motherfucker in the face. He is too afraid to answer the question so he goes off smiling to another person in a desperate, poor attempt to change of a subject. What a piece of shit, and he wants to run the country… Im ashamed to know that people will actually vote for the bastard.

  13. Madkevin88 on

    To me, Mitt Romney is every derogatory word Wearing a suit and tie, even his body language reeks of shit.

  14. Hazethebassist on

    Yeah, I’d say tobacco is just as much a gateway drug, I started smoking cigarettes and I think that’s what led to my smoking marijuana. I haven’t done any other drug recreationally since I smoked marijuana.

  15. ReikoBleu1 on

    I have fibromyalgia. The doctors wanted me to take vicodin and flexeril DAILY all day long. I HATE narcotics so I chose marijuana. I have had very few pain cycles since I chose this treatment. I don’t smoke and go to work yet they wanted me to take pills and go to work. It’s fucking pathetic.

  16. pamew on

    An important note. Marinol is *NOT* Synthetic marijuana. It’s synthetic THC. That is all. THC is just ONE of MANY cannabinoids in naturally occurring marijuana. For example, CBD, an extremely nifty antiinflammatory, is totally absent in marinol. This makes marinol effectively USELESS at treating conditions like Arthritis, epilepsy, and even MS.

    Bottom line: Marinol costs more than pot, and doesn’t treat anywhere near as many conditions. It is a money making scam. Nothing more, or less.

  17. freedomordeath123 on

    LOL i used to be one of those neocons, and anti-drugs, since following Ron Paul my views have dramatically changed. Firstly wtf, if a person is dieing of cancer, aids etc, and a docotor prescribes canibis, whos the hell is anyone to deny this, a person that doesn’t want the highs can probably get high grade stuff thats got the highs taken out of it.

  18. g206029 on

    yes…that’s why so many of us are here and spreading the word. We have to wake up the masses.

    Mitt Romney is a brain-cramp!!! Mormon sack of shit….LMAO

  19. stewy1897 on

    4:00 I love how he says it’s insignificant then goes on to say that terrible things happen from it.

  20. nosensetoitatall on

    I wonder how a man who has time and time again proven himself to be so void of empathy, character, honesty and scruples can consider himself a good candidate for the US Presidency. It baffles me.

  21. maskofsan1ty on

    Yeah. I’m from the UK and David Nutt, department of health advisor, got sacked for saying that horse riding is more dangerous then ecstasy. This is a demonstrable fact so the fact that he got fired for it is absolutely absurd! The inbalance is crazy seeing as the health and social costs of alcohol probably make it one of the most dangerous drugs available. Yet it’s completely legal (and highly taxable…).

  22. eyehategumbo on

    fuck medical marijuana, it should be legal for all
    its a plant FFS and no one has ever died from smoking or ingesting too much pot

    alcohol is a hard drug but is available for everyone and has destroyed so many lives
    wise up america….

    and you know this whole drugtesting thing we have going on in america is another anti marijuana thing
    because marijuana stays in your system longer than any other drug
    and why are we drugtesting people any way,
    the US is a free country but pee in this cup, smh

  23. g206029 on

    easy when you have a built-in base of believers. Remember, this guy wears ‘magic underwear’ …

  24. elbowbiter1 on

    At the ground level… weed can be grown in a ditch and solves a lot of problems. Capitalism, as expressed all over the world, requires that a small group of men control all the solutions to the problems so they can maintain their wealth and status. That is why no politician will touch it. “Reject the system dictating the norms.”

  25. DahBjorn on

    Politic elections have allways been popularity competitions, and allways will be. That’s just how democracy works. The problem is that the most knowledgable individuals in any given field are not neccesairily the ones that are good at winning popularity competitions. Let’s just hope people wise up, and elect the lesser evil.

  26. LimmingKenny on

    At least Ron Paul is ideological, and from what I’ve seen he’s very consistent in his ideology.

  27. AtheistAddiction on

    Coctopus, you have a twin where I live… an evil twin though… he looks very similar to you but he is VERY VERY christian and VERY VERY conservative… I wish y’all could meet because then the world would explode!!!!

  28. C0ct0pusPrime on

    obama sucks, romney sucks… & there is nobody else worth mentioning….ron paul is better than what we have, but still a little crazy in his ideologies.

  29. Garfield4317 on


  30. CouchPaladin on

    Since when do hardcore conservatives need good arguments to enforce their outdated morals on everyone else?

  31. freedomordeath123 on

    I’m still a Christian, even stronger now that I’m a RPer, the NWO has decieved many Christians out there, Jesus himself went into the temple and overthrew the tables of the money changers. Jesus is a brilliant dude if you look at the scriptures.

  32. VitalVampyr on

    Romney should not be standing next to someone with more charisma than him such as a giant tank of crude oil.

  33. 4ftSub on

    Ron Paul 2012, not just for legalization hes the only one who doesn’t change what he believe year to year.

  34. Zeldarulah on

    I thought c0c edited that at first like he does a lot to make them repeat things, but nope! “The economy, the economy, the economy!” 😛

  35. LemUUU on

    Ask Mitt Romney if he is in favor of ‘freedom’. When he gives the obvious answer of yes, you then ask if he is in favor of your freedom to use marijuana for recreational purposes. When he says no, you call him a hypocrite and walk away.

  36. SpaceCowboy1218 on

    Marijuana is the starter drug for a drug culture? What about terrible fuckin schools, corrupt politicans, the war culture, the constant brain-washing of our youth, the lack of prospects for youth, those probably have more to do with the “drug” culture. He does show his colors though. Apprently there’s enough dumbfucks, he got claps. When will they see the only reason medical Cannabis isn’t legal is because it’s the pharmceutical companies worst nightmare. Side effects – munchies, not death.

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